Arctic report submitted to Obama by DOT secretary

The report entitled “U.S. Arctic Marine Transportation System: Overview and Priorities for Action” has been submitted by Transportation Secretary and Committee on the Maritime Transportation System (CMTS) Chair Anthony Foxx to President Obama. 

The 115-page report:

  • Assesses present and future uses of the Arctic and their implications for the U.S. and a U.S. Arctic Marine Transportation Systems (MTS); 
  • Describes the essential components of a U.S. Arctic MTS necessary for safe, secure, environmentally sustainable and reliable navigation; 
  • Describes components needed to protect maritime commerce, indigenous peoples and communities, and the environment as outlined in U.S. Arctic Region Policy and applicable law; 
  • Evaluates the current condition of the U.S. Arctic MTS, including physical and information infrastructure and human capital; 
  • Recommends priority areas for action both in the near and long term; 
  • And recommends action through which CMTS agencies can strengthen the U.S. Arctic MTS to meet the nation’s goals for safe Arctic economic development and environmental protection.

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