American Waterways Operators

House Candidate Total ContribUtions

Baird, Brian (D-WA) $1,000

Emerson, Jo Ann (R-MO) $2,680

Hobson, Dave (R-OH) $6,895

Hulshof, Kenny (R-MO) $1,000

Jefferson, Wiliam J (D-LA) $1,000

LoBiondo, Frank A (R-NJ) $3,069 

Oberstar, James L (D-MN) $4,089

Taylor, Gene (D-MS) $1,000 

Young, Don (R-AK) $2,969

Total to Democratic House Candidates: $7,089  

Total to Republican House Candidates: $17,613

Senate Candidate Total ContribUtions  

Bond, Christopher S ‘Kit” (R-MO) $1000

Breaux, John (D-LA) $0 

Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) $1,000  

Wyden, Ron (D-OR) $3,330

Total to Democratic Senate Candidates: $4,330  

Total to Republican Senate Candidates: $1,000  

Presidential Candidate Total ContribUtions 

Bush, George W (R) $5,000 

Total to Democratic Presidential Candidates: $0  

Total to Republican Presidential Candidates: $5,000  


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