Alabama State Port Authority seeks offering on bulk handling facility

The Alabama State Port Authority’s (ASPA) announced in January it is actively seeking prospects to lease and operate its Bulk Material Handling Plant (Bulk Plant) at the Port of Mobile. The Bulk Plant, located on the north end of the port, has been operated by the Port Authority as a multi-commodity dry bulk facility. Jimmy Lyons, director and CEO for ASPA stated, “We are actively seeking a private partner to expand our presence in bulk markets and diversify our cargo base.” With capital investment, the facility could be modified to handle liquid bulks or dry bulk commodities that require special handling.

The Bulk Plant amenities are 1,543 foot of berth, unloading tower cranes, a combination stacker/ loading tower and a conveyor system that serves the unloading cranes, the stacker / loader tower and the bulk-material-handling plant behind the wharf. The bulk plant also includes three (3) large storage warehouses totaling 220,000 square feet. In March 2009, ASPA completed the installation of a bulk material rail unloading system to unload unit trains at the facility. New rail construction included the installation of approximately 10,300 ft. of track, four (4) new switches, and a new reinforced concrete rail pit.

“In the past ten years, we’ve invested over $700 million port-wide elevating the Port of Mobile to one of the largest U.S. port in total trade,” said Lyons. “A public/private venture capitalizing on the port’s rail and waterway assets can expand liquid or dry bulk market opportunities for both the prospect and the port.” Prospects investing capital may be eligible for tax incentives through the State of Alabama, including income tax credits, sales tax exemption on capital purchases; and a 10-year exemption of non-education ad valorem taxes.

Interested parties that have demonstrated experience in the successful operation of a deep-water bulk materials import/export facility can request a package through or view online at under the heading Requests for Proposals. The ASPA will accept proposals through March 18, 2011.

The Alabama State Port Authority, headquartered in Mobile, Ala., owns and operates the State of Alabama’s deepwater port facilities at the Port of Mobile. The Port Authority directly employs 584 workers and its public facilities handled 24 million tons of cargo last year. The Authority’s container, general cargo and bulk facilities have immediate access to two interstate systems, five Class 1 railroads, and nearly 15,000 miles of inland waterway connections. Learn more at

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