A first look at Sea Scout

BELLINGHAM BAY, Wash. – All American Marine invited reporters and other interested parties on Thursday for a tour of the new Sea Scout, a 134′ x 37′ catamaran research vessel built for C&C Technologies, a surveying and mapping firm based in Louisiana.

The vessel features some $2 million in research technology, part of a sophisticated survey lab that functions as the control center for data collection during each two-week mission the vessel will conduct. Transducer wells and deployable sonar struts were thoughtfully integrated into the hull to ensure quality data results. Topside, the working decks feature a configuration of winches, a-frames, and cranes. The aft deck was designed to be large enough to provide suitable space for AUV launch and recovery operations as well as conventional geophysical surveys.

The hull tonnage is certified less than 100 gross tons and includes accommodations for 26 research staff and crew. In the engine room are twin C32 ACERT engines and twin C18 ACERT engines. The propulsion configuration will provide a cruise speed of 20 knots, though you’ll see in the video the vessel is capable of more, with a total of 2153 bhp in each sponson. The pairing of two different engines allows for high speed transit to the survey site using all four engines and a slower survey speed when using only the smaller engines. The C18s are coupled to ZF Marine gears with trolling valves to provide an economical speed range from 3 to 11 knots. Auxiliary power for onboard electrical needs will be supplied by twin Caterpillar C4.4 gensets rated 99ekW.

WorkBoat’s Susan Chesney was on board and got some video of the vessel underway, plus an interview with captain Jeramie Rivette. Have a look:


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