$16 million for wave and tidal energy projects

The Energy Department last week announced $16 million for 17 projects to help sustainably and efficiently capture energy from waves, tides and currents. These projects will increase the power production and reliability of wave and tidal devices and help gather valuable data on how deployed devices interact with the surrounding environment.

$13.5 million will support eight projects to help U.S. companies build durable, efficient wave and tidal devices. The projects will develop new drivetrain, generator and structural components, as well as develop software that predicts ocean conditions and adjusts device settings accordingly to optimize power production. For example, ABB will develop an affordable, efficient generator that is half the size of a traditional generator, while Ocean Energy USA will develop and test a hull design for a floating wave device. Dehlsen Associates will develop new software for its Centipod wave device to predict future wave conditions and adjust system settings to maximize power output.

$2.4 million will go to nine projects that will gather and analyze environmental data from wave and tidal projects as well as potential development areas. As this nascent energy industry grows, these projects will help ensure that potential environmental impacts are addressed proactively and that projects can be developed efficiently and responsibly.

Through a broader collaborative effort between the Energy Department and the Department of the Interior to build a sustainable, world-class offshore energy industry, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is providing $300,000 towards these awards.

For a full list of the 17 projects, go to energy.gov.

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