What is a Regional Summit?

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The WorkBoat Professional Series is a combination of events, both face-to-face and online, designed to help you overcome the challenges that affect your business today. In 2014, the WorkBoat Professional Series expanded to include small regional summits. Information and solutions available in these programs will assist in addressing issues that impact your business, all right in your back yard.

What is a Regional Summit?

A Regional Summit is a one-day conference that addresses topics that impact a specific region and market sector. These are designed to allow for more in-depth discussion than is possible at the broad Annual Conference held at the International WorkBoat Show each year.

Who attends the Regional Summits?

Professionals directly impacted by the topics presented and those companies that provide services should attend. The Summits will enable you to connect with industry experts and others in your area to provide a forum for networking and problem solving.

What’s included in a Regional Summit?

 The schedule for each Regional Summit varies by city, however we strive to include the following in each event:

  • A schedule that allows for easy drive-in/drive-out timing, similar to traditional office hours
  • Breakfast and/or lunch with fellow attendees
  • Presentations by industry experts and panel discussions
  • A keynote address by industry leaders
  • Roundtable discussions that include peers and speakers 
  • A variety of networking opportunities

Do I have to plan on travel expenses and hotel?

The Regional Summits are designed to address topics for a specific area so attendees can easily drive to the event and not incur flight or hotel fees. However, if you would like to stay overnight there are rooms available for each event. Please refer to the Hotel & Travel section of this brochure.

Where can I see a list of all cities that are hosting Regional Summits?

A complete list of Regional Summits that are scheduled is available here. 

Will you host a Regional Summit at my request?

WorkBoat is always looking for a new location that is in need of a Regional Summit. If you have a specific topic you would like to see addresses please contact Lisa Keller, Conference Manager at 207-842-5624 or lkeller@divcom.com


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