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2014_September_OTW_SAFE Boats MK VI PB_Running_Final 7.jpg

Uploaded by Safe Boats International

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2014_September_OTW_Master Marine Z Drive Towboat.jpg

Uploaded by Master Marine

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2014_September_OTW_HOS Black Foot.jpg

Uploaded by Eastern Shipbuilding Group

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2014_September_OTW_Capt Phillip Box.jpg

Uploaded by Horizon Shipbuilding

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MARAD shipbuilding loan guarantee means new ships built in the U.S.
The five PSVs ordered from Eastern Shipbuilding by Boldini S.A. were made possible in part by a $241 million Department of Transportation Title XI loan guarantee. Author: Sound Off
September 2, 2014
Will Mexico see more U.S. OSVs?
If Mexico's new oil reforms work, U.S. OSV operators will receive a nice boost and relocate more vessels to the region. Author: David Krapf
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Has the Coast Guard gone international?
I am increasingly concerned with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It’s not about the group’s regulation of international vessels but with the potential impact that emerging IMO rules might have on domestic U.S. vessel operators and mariners.  The Coast Guard Author: Capt. Alan Bernstein
August 28, 2014
Wood boats, aluminum boats and Port Townsend
It's still summer, still a good time to be on the water, whether for work or pleasure. Last week, I got a chance to do both at the same time. Author: Bruce Buls
August 26, 2014

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