High-speed ferry

Alaska Ship & Drydock Inc.

Alaska Ship & Drydock


The E-Craft , which is receiving funding from the Navy's Office of Naval Research, is being built at Alaska Ship & Drydock Inc. in Ketchikan, Alaska. The ferry will carry vehicles and passengers across Cook Inlet's Knik Arm near Anchorage, Alaska. It will be owned and operated by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. The boat will be a demonstrator model of a high-speed, beachable connector ship that would support U.S. Marine Corps Naval Expeditionary Warfare Operations. The design concept, developed by Lockheed Martin, is a modified SWATH/catamaran that can operate in four different modes: SWATH, catamaran, landing craft or rescue craft, depending on the draft. At maximum draft (about 11'5"), it will be in the swath mode. At 8'7" of draft, it's in cat mode, and at a draft of about 3'10", it's the barge-and-rescue mode. The latter mode is accomplished by adjusting the height of the floating center vehicle deck. Launch should be sometime late in 2007.

Survey vessel

Boudreaux's Boats

LSU's Coastal Studies Institute

Coastal Profiler

Boudreaux's Boats, Lafitte, La., designed and built a 41' × 17' × 3' fiberglass survey vessel, the Coastal Profiler , for Louisiana State University's Coastal Studies Institute in Baton Rouge, La. It was delivered to LSU in August 2005. The boat's draft permits it to get into areas of lakes, bays, and bayous that many survey vessels can't. The Coastal Profiler was fitted with reinforced skegs to protect its running gear. Ancillary equipment includes a hydraulic pump on the starboard main for anchor and gear handling winches, a double A-frame with kangaroo boom for stern gear handling, and raw and freshwater washdown pumps. Main propulsion comes from twin Caterpillar 3126B high-performance diesels, each producing 450 hp at 2,800 rpm. The Cats are linked to 4-bladed Hi Torque nibral wheels through ZF marine gears with 2:1 reduction ratios. The boat has a running speed of 22 knots. There are accommodations for four crew and six passengers.

ASD tug

Patti Shipyard Inc.

Jensen Maritime Consultants

ASD tug

Patti Shipyard Inc., Pensacola, Fla., is building a 102' × 32' × 13' ASD tug for an East Coast owner. The tug will be used to push barges. Designed by Jensen Maritime Consultants, the tug has double sides all the way around, including fore-peak and aft-peak tanks. The inner plating is 2' to 4' inside the hull plating and goes from the underside of the deck to the bottom shell and is made up of tanks and longitudinal void bulkheads. In the engine room, a pair of 1,500-hp Caterpillar 3512B engines will be hooked up to Steerprop SP14D Z-drives with 75" props. The main engines and generators will have separate air intakes. That way, if there's a fire in the engine room, the engines can continue to run without pulling CO 2 into the engines' air intakes and shutting them down. Up on deck, there's a raised pilothouse, two JonRie capstans and a JonRie winch. The towing winch is mounted aft and has 1.75" cable with 82,000-lb. line pull. The tug is scheduled for delivery in late 2006. Patti is building another tug for the same owner. The 94' × 32' × 13' ASD tug will be delivered in mid-2007.

84' towboats

John Bludworth Shipyard LLC

John Bludworth Shipyard LLC

84' towboat

In 2006, John Bludworth Shipyard LLC, Corpus Christi, Texas, delivered two 84' × 30' × 11' steel-hulled towboats to Hockley, Texas-based Republic Barge Transportation Co. The boats feature four decks and have a height of eye level of about 34'. On deck are two 40-ton Nabrico galvanized deck winches, two Speed Air 5Z400B air compressors rated at 17 scfm at 175 psi, one 1,000-watt Xenon searchlight and one 500-watt Xenon searchlight. Twin Cummins KTA38-M2 diesels, each producing 1,200 hp at 1,800 rpm, spin 78" × 56", 5-bladed propellers through Twin Disc MG-540 marine gears with 6.18:1 reduction ratios. Accommodations include four staterooms and six berths. Bludworth also delivered a 3,200-hp, 110' × 32' × 11' towboat to Blessey Marine Services Inc., Harahan, La. The boat is powered by two Cummins KTA50-M2 diesels spinning 88" × 68" stainless steel Sound Propeller wheels.


100' towboat

Main Iron Works LLC

Alan Haig-Brown

Norman P. Proehl

In December 2005, Main Iron Works LLC, Houma, La., delivered the Norman P. Proehl , a 100' × 30' × 10' steel inland towboat, to Houston-based Horizon Maritime LLC. The retractable-wheelhouse towboat is powered by twin Cummins KTA50 diesels, producing 1,600 hp at 1,800 rpm each. The boat pushes three 297' × 54' × 13', 30,000-bbl. black-oil barges along the canals that connect the Mississippi River and Illinois River systems to the Great Lakes. The barges are fastened to the new towboat with 65-ton Patterson deck winches. There are accommodations for a crew of six.

Incat ferry

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

Incat ferry

The Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority is scheduled to take delivery of a 145' × 39' × 5'4" passenger ferry in late 2006. The ferry, built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Somerset, Mass., is an Incat design. Carrying 350 passengers, the ferry is loosely designed along the lines of the 600-passenger Salacia , a fast ferry that's now working Boston Harbor. There are, however, some differences. The new ferry has a center hull at the bow between the two catamaran hulls. Its job is to provide increased buoyancy to the bow area to keep the catamaran hulls from stuffing themselves into oncoming waves. The boat features an interceptor ride control system from Maritime Dynamics Inc. to provide for a smoother ride. For power, each of the two hulls has a pair of MTU 12V400M70 diesels, each rated at 2,331 hp at 2,000 rpm. ZF 4650D marine gears and HM731 waterjets from HamiltonJet complete the propulsion package. The ferry should have a speed of 35 knots at 85-percent power.

Patrol boats

Mission Marine Ltd.

Mission Marine

275-hp patrol boat

Mission Marine Ltd., Sandusky, Ohio, delivered two patrol boats in late 2005. One works on Lake Ontario out of Rochester, N.Y., and the other is stationed in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. The Mission 338 aluminum catamarans measure 29'7" × 11'5". Both are powered by twin 275-hp Mercury Verado outboards giving them a top speed in the mid-40-mph range. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol operates the Lake Ontario boat. The Virgin Islands boat is owned and operated by the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources. Given the need to operate year-round on Lake Ontario, the sheriff's office boat has a fully enclosed cabin with a diesel heater. The Marine Patrol works a variety of missions including search and rescue, homeland security, and drug intervention. The Virgin Islands boat is also outfitted with a bow ramp that allows the boat to land on the beaches of remote islands. The hydraulic ramp is powered by a 12-volt pump.


Crew/supply boats

Breaux Brothers Enterprises Inc.

Breaux Brothers Enterprises

Fast Tempo

Breaux Brothers Enterprises Inc., Loreauville, La., is building five fast crew/supply boats for Edison Chouest Offshore, Galliano, La. The first two, the Fast Tempo and Fast Vinicius , were delivered in September 2005 and December 2005 respectively. The 160' × 30' × 12'7" aluminum boats have 98' × 26' rear cargo decks that can haul up to 285 LT of freight each. Below-deck capacities include 23,655 gals. of fuel that can be discharged at a rate of 240 gpm at 140'; 36,293 gals. of rig water that can be pumped off at the same rate; 900 gals. potable water; and 250 gals. lube oil. There are berths for 10 crew and seating for 80 passengers. Four Caterpillar 3512HD diesels, producing 1,675 hp at 1,600 rpm each, provide main propulsion. The Cats connect to Michigan 54' × 57', 4-bladed nibral props through ZF W4600 marine gears with 2.571:1 reduction ratios. This combination makes for a running speed of 28 knots. Each boat is fitted with a pair of 200-hp Thrustmaster 30TT200-AL 30" thrusters.

High-speed ferry

Derecktor Shipyards

Derecktor Shipyards

Sea Express

This summer, Derecktor Shipyards, Bridgeport, Conn., delivered a 350-passenger, high-speed catamaran ferry to the Bermuda Department of Marine and Ports Services. BMT Nigel Gee in the United Kingdom designed the ferry. The Sea Express is being used on both commuter and tourist runs. On the main deck there's seating for 212 passengers and accommodations for four wheelchairs in a climate-controlled cabin. One flight up to the weather deck and just behind the pilothouse is additional seating for 137 passengers. A low-maintenance, toxic-free, silicon-based bottom paint was used below the waterline. It won't have to be renewed for five years. Other green features include a zero-discharge for all tanks while at sea. The power to push the catamaran along at 33 knots comes from four MTU 12V2000M70 diesels, two in each of the hulls. Through ZF gear boxes, the MTUs power four HamiltonJet 512 waterjets.

170' catamaran

Gulf Craft Inc.

Gulf Craft Inc.

Key West Express

Gulf Craft Inc., Patterson, La., delivered a 170' × 38', 500-passenger catamaran to Fort Myers, Fla.-based Key West Express in early 2006. The boat, Key West Express , has a draft of 4'6" . The aluminum-hulled vessel was designed by Incat Crowther. Gulf Craft is a licensed builder of the company's designs. The Key West Express actually has seating for 513 passengers - 441 interior seats and 72 exterior seats. Main propulsion is provided by four MTU 16V4000 M71 diesels, producing 3,310 hp at 2,000 rpm each. The engines connect to four HamiltonJet HM 811 waterjets. The propulsion package was expected to give the Key West Express a running speed of 40 knots.

55' pushboat

C&C Marine



The Arkansas , a 55' × 24' pushboat owned by Carline's Geismar Fleet Inc., Baton Rouge, La., was rebuilt at C&C Marine, located on the Harvey Canal in New Orleans. C&C Marine ripped everything out of the boat and then pressure-washed away all the mud and silt that had collected when it was sitting on the bottom of the Mississippi River. They also opened and cleaned all the tanks. Severe damage to the hull and house required a lot of steel work. Without drawings, the yard had to rebuild based on the existing shapes. After the hull and house were repaired, the boat was sandblasted and repainted. The old 600-hp Cummins KTA19M engines and gensets were swapped out for the same models. C&C Marine also rebuilt the electric systems and provided new interiors. C&C estimated that Carline saved about $500,000 by rebuilding the Arkansas instead of building new. The towboat has returned to service on the Mississippi River.

MARCH 2006

Littoral Combat Ship

Austal USA

General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works/Austal USA

417' littoral combat ship

Austal USA began construction in January of the U.S. Navy's 417' × 100' Littoral Combat Ship (LCS 2) trimaran prototype. The LCS is being built in the Mobile, Ala., shipyard's new double-erection halls. Austal, which also designed the LCS seaframe, is a member of a team led by General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works that will build two of the aluminum LCSes. With a displacement of less than 3,000 tons at full load, the trimaran carries a greater payload weight fraction - the weight percentage of weapons - than any other U.S. naval warship. Main propulsion will come from twin MTU 20V8000 M70 mega-diesels and two General Electric LM 2500 gas turbines. They will connect to four steerable waterjets - two LIPS LJ 150Es and two LIPS LJ 160Es. The LCS will have a sprint speed of 45 knots. Electrical power will come from four MTU 5V396TE54 gensets. The vessel will also be fitted with a retractable azimuth thruster. The LCS will have a range of 3,500 nautical miles. The LCS's scheduled completion date is October 2007. Austal is scheduled to build a second LCS beginning in 2007 or 2008.

98' tug

Washburn & Doughty Associates

Crescent Towing


In January, Washburn & Doughty Associates delivered the 98'x37' tug Bulldog to Crescent Towing's location in Savannah, Ga. The Bulldog handles LNG tanker escorts at the Elba Island, Ga., LNG regasification terminal. A few months later, Washburn & Doughty delivered another 98-footer to Moran Towing of New Canaan, Conn. The Edward Moran also works at the Elba Island LNG terminal. The Bulldog has a pair of GE 7FDM12 main engines, each delivering 3,350 hp. The engines power stern-mounted Rolls Royce US255 Z-drives. Also in the engine room is a pair of John Deere 6068TFMGK gensets producing 99 kw each. The bow winch was especially designed for the company's use. It's a 100-hp Markey DESF-48 electric escort winch. The winch holds 750' of 9" synthetic line and has a line pull up to 365,000 lbs. at up to 8' per minute. The line-haul/payout speed is up to 600' per minute, and the winch's brake-holding capacity is 476,000 lbs., utilizing an Eaton water-cooled brake. The tug has two FiFi-1 monitors on the upper-aft deck.

Liftboats, PSVs

Bollinger Shipyards Inc.

Bollinger Shipyards Inc.

245'-class liftboat

Bollinger Shipyards Inc.

Rigdon PSV

Bollinger Shipyards Inc., Lockport, La., is building two 245-class liftboats for Edison Chouest Offshore, Galliano, La. The steel-hulled boats will measure 137'6" × 93' × 13', with 245' legs and 40' × 16' foot pads. The 72"-dia. legs will be made of 1.5" steel. The liftboats are designed to work in depths up to 180' in 8' seas. They will be able to jack up at a rate of 4 fpm under load and 10 fpm with no load. A 100' lattice boom rated at 175 tons will be mounted on the port bow and powered by a Cat C18 engine. A telescoping auxiliary crane rated at 50 tons will be fixed to the starboard bow, and a box boom crane rated at 25 tons mounted on the starboard stern. The first liftboat is scheduled for delivery in early 2007. In January, Bollinger announced it had signed a contract to build 10 GPA 654 class platform-supply vessels for Rigdon Marine. Designed by Guido Perla & Associates to maintain a speed of 12 knots at loadline, the DP-2 boats will measure 190' × 46' × 18' with a deadweight of 1,764 tons. The PSVs will have liquid-mud capacity of 4,000 bbls. The contract is scheduled to be completed by fall 2008.

High-speed cat

All American Marine

All American Marine

Peter Gladding

Patrolling the Tortugas Ecological Reserve in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is now a lot more efficient and comfortable thanks to a new high-speed aluminum catamaran from All American Marine, Bellingham, Wash. The 56' × 21' Peter Gladding is pushed by twin MTU 8V2000 M92 engines (each rated at 1,085 hp at 2,450 rpm) and a pair of HamiltonJet 403 waterjets. The Teknicraft-designed cat with hydrofoils has a cruising speed of 42 knots. The boat has bunks for four and a full galley. The patrol boat is owned and maintained by NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program in the Florida Keys. The Peter Gladding is also equipped with a Kohler 10EOZD genset putting out 10 kw at 1,800 rpm.

APRIL 2006

Car ferry

Dakota Creek Industries

Bruce Buls


The Inter-Island Ferry Authority in Craig, Alaska, took delivery of its second car ferry last spring. The $17 million Stikine was built by Dakota Creek Industries, Anacortes, Wash. Dakota Creek also built the first IFA boat, the Prince of Wales , which went into service in 2002. The Stikine is a sister ship to the Prince of Wales , but with some modifications. The 198' × 51' Stikine is powered by twin Cat 3512s (1,500 hp at 1,600 rpm) that turn 72" Hundestad controllable-pitch propellers. The package gives the ferry a service speed of 15 knots. The Stikine also has an electric 400-hp omnithruster. The ferry has numerous passenger amenities including a forward lounge with reclining seats, a children's play area, a quiet room, and a full-service galley. The ferry is certified for 190 passengers and 30 automobiles.

Passenger vessel

Blount Boats

Blount Boats

89' tour boat

In March, Blount Boats, Warren, R.I., laid the keel for an 89' × 30' steel excursion boat. Designed by Timothy Graul Marine Design, Sturgeon Bay, Wis., for Wendella Sightseeing Co., Chicago, the 300-passenger boat resembles another Graul-designed boat, the 68' × 23' Chicago's Little Lady , built in 1999. Both have an early 20th century look, with an enclosed main deck, a completely open second deck, and a small pilothouse perched at the forward end of the second deck. Main power is supplied by two Caterpillar C12 diesels rated at 340 hp. The boat is scheduled for delivery in April 2007.

100' tug refit

Westar Marine Services

Mark Manes

The Orion

Originally a single-screw Navy harbor tug, the 100' × 33' × 12' Orion has been refitted for the third time and is back at work in San Francisco Bay as part of the Westar Marine Services fleet. The retrofit began in 2002 at Fashion Blacksmith Shipyard, Crescent City, Calif. While there, the interior was gutted and the majority of the house was removed from the galley forward. An entire new house and exhaust stacks were built and two new Patterson 50T deck winches were added. Two new wheelhouses were also constructed. In 2005, the Orion was towed back to Westar's dock in San Francisco where it was completely rewired and replumbed. A 30'-high, single push knee was also added. The original twin EMD 12-645-E6s and Falk Gear Boxes were freshened up and her towing winch wire was reinstalled. All interior spaces were coated with epoxy and repaneled, and new halogen lighting was run throughout the vessel.

Casino boat

Jamestown Metal Marine

Boyd Gaming Corp.

Blue Chip 2

In January, Jamestown Metal Marine Sales, Boca Raton, Fla., completed a 400' × 200' steel-hulled casino boat Blue Chip 2 for Blue Chip Casino and Hotel, Michigan City, Ind. The vessel was built on site. The casino opened Feb. 1. Boyd Gaming Corp., owners of the casino, already had a riverboat at the site, Blue Chip , but competition forced Boyd to spend $150 million to increase its gaming space from 42,000 sq. ft. to 65,000 sq. ft. The original casino remains on site as a support vessel. The casino boat features twin GE 752 main propulsion motors, one forward and one aft. The vessel has a system of 34 ballast tanks to keep the boat at the proper level at all times. Indiana law requires that riverboat casinos have a certificate of inspection but doesn't require them to leave the dock. Guido Perla & Associates, Seattle, did the design and production engineering. Ship's service power comes from two Caterpillar gensets, sparking 1,825 kw of electricity each. The air conditioning system in the casino exchanges inside air for fresh air 15 times per hour.

MAY 2006


VT Halter Marine Inc.

Vessel Management Services

Pacific Reliance/Barge 650-1

Pascagoula, Miss.-based VT Halter Marine Inc. delivered the first of six 185,000-bbl. articulated tug-barge units to Crowley Maritime Corp.'s Vessel Management Services (VMS) in March. The double-sided tug Pacific Reliance measures 126'9" × 42' × 22'1". Main propulsion comes from twin Caterpillar 3612B low-emission diesels, producing 4,640 hp at 900 rpm each. The engines connect to Rolls-Royce New Generation 5-bladed stainless steel wheels through Reintjes WAV 4450 marine gears with 5.053:1 reduction ratios. The combination gives the tug-barge combo a 12-knot service speed. The double-hulled 587' × 74' × 40' Barge 650-1 has a loaded draft of 30'. The barge connects to the Pacific Reliance through an Intercon connection system. The 27,023-dwt. barge is capable of carrying clean petroleum products, heated cargoes, and easy chemicals, which require special arrangements of vents, stripping systems, pump components and tank coatings above that normally required for product carriers. Electric pumps in each of the 14 cargo tanks assure maximum cargo integrity and separation flexibility.

Passenger vessel, Dump barge

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders


Grand Luxe

Bruce Buls

144' dump barge

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Freeland, Wash., is building a $20 million floating art gallery, the Grand Luxe . The 231' × 46' × 13'6" "exposition vessel" will have three enclosed decks with over 12,000 sq. ft. of gallery space and 6,000 sq. ft. of restaurant space. The gallery space will be sectioned off into about 26 separate areas. The dining areas include covered space on the third deck and an open-air restaurant and bar/reception area on the fourth sky deck. The Grand Luxe will only draw 6'6" of water and will also be equipped with three spuds - one at the bow and two at the stern - as a moorage option. A pair of Cat main engines and four Cat gensets will provide the propulsion and electric power. Cruising speed will be about 8 knots. The Grand Luxe was will be delivered in March 2007. In the spring, Nichols also launched a 242' × 54' × 23'6" dump barge, which was built for American Construction Co., Everett, Wash.

Pilot boat

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding


Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Somerset, Mass., delivered another pilot boat to the Delaware pilot's association in April. The aluminum 52'6" × 17' × 4'8" Lewes is a Ray Hunt deep-V design that Gladding-Hearn calls its Chesapeake-class pilot boat. It's a near sistership to the Brandywine that was built for the Delaware pilots two years ago. A pair of Daewoo V180TIM 10-cylinder diesels, each putting out 640 hp at 2,100 rpm, give the boat a top speed of 26 knots. Bolted to the back of the engines are ZF 350A marine gears, which turn five-bladed Hall & Stavert bronze props on the end of 3" shafts. In case a pilot does go in the water, the transom is cut out with stairs leading down to the water, making it easy to climb out. There's also a line with a loop in it that a pilot can grab and be hoisted aboard with a davit.

Pushboat, liftboats

Orange Shipbuilding Co.

Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District


Conrad Industries

175-class liftboats

Conrad Industries' Orange Shipbuilding Co. Inc. delivered the 124' × 34' × 10'3" steel pushboat Evanick to the Pittsburgh District of the Army Corps of Engineers in the spring. Twin Caterpillar 3512B diesels pumping out 1,500 hp at 1,200 rpm are responsible for the boat's main propulsion. The engines are connected to Aqualloy 80" × 85", 5-bladed propellers in Rice CT-28 nozzles through Falk 2083 MRHP13A450 marine gears with 4.5:1 reduction ratios. The propulsion system gives the boat a running speed of 12 knots. Conrad also delivered a 255' × 56' × 10' steel-hulled crane barge for the Corps' Nashville (Tenn.) District. Conrad is also building three 110' × 64'6" × 9' 175-class liftboats for Offshore Marine Contractors, Cutoff, La., for work in the Gulf of Mexico. The new boats will feature 4,000 sq. ft. of deck space, accommodations for 30, and will have a running speed of six knots. The new liftboats are scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2007.

JUNE 2006

90' pushboats

Eastern Shipbuilding Group

Eastern Shipbuilding Group

Florida Marine pushboat

The contract to build 25 pushboats for Florida Marine Transporters is the largest single boatbuilding order ever for Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Fla. By mid-May, four of the 90' × 32' × 12' boats had been delivered, with the rest to be delivered at a rate of one every three to five weeks. Eastern took a general design to Entech Associates, Houma, La., and the two worked out the final design. The propulsion package on each boat consists of twin 1,155-hp Caterpillar 3512s that turn 84" props through Twin Disc MC 5600 marine gears with 5.04:1 ratios. The setup produces a maximum speed of 11.5 knots. On deck are two 40-ton Patterson electric winches.

'green' excursion vessel

Freeport Shipbuilding Inc.



Freeport Shipbuilding Inc., Freeport, Fla., recently delivered a $3 million hybrid biodiesel-electric excursion boat for RiverQuest, a Pittsburgh nonprofit science and environmental educational organization. Designed in part by DeJong & Lebet, Jacksonville, Fla., the 94' × 26' × 10' Explorer will serve as a demonstration vessel for a variety of green technology as well as providing a platform for formal education programs for school systems and the general public. One of the more innovative aspects of the new boat is the propulsion system. It uses two John Deere Powertech 6081AFM75 diesel engines each developing 180 kw at 1,800 rpm, and a Deere Powertech PE4045TFM75 producing 55 kw at 1,800 rpm. These supply power to Siemens 1FV5139-SWS24-Z12 water-cooled generators through SIPCO speed-increasing gearboxes. The generators supply 440-volt electricity to traction inverters that convert the power to synchronous electricity, then to two Siemens 1FV5139-SWS24-Z12 motors at the stern driving two 38" × 34" propellers.

164', 185' OSVs

Master Boat Builders Inc.

Master Boat Builders Inc.

Delta Monarch and Ada B. Callais

Bayou La Batre, Ala.-based Master Boat Builders Inc., delivered two OSVs last spring - the 164' × 36' × 12' DP-1 Delta Monarch for Trinidad-based Delta Logistics Ltd. in March, and the 185' × 46' × 15' Ada B. Callais for Abdon Callais Offshore LLC, Golden Meadow, La., in April. Main propulsion for the Delta Monarch comes from a pair of Caterpillar 3508B diesels, producing 850 hp at 1,200 rpm. The OSV has a loaded running speed of 11 knots. The boat's tankage includes 30,000 gals. of fuel, 42,000 gals. methanol, and 1,250 bbls. liquid mud. Tankage aboard the Ada B. Callais includes 2,350 bbls. of liquid mud, 98,000 gals. fuel, and 6,000 cu. ft. bulk mud in six 1,000-cu.-ft. tanks. Two Caterpillar 3512B diesels, cranking out 1,575 hp at 1,600 rpm each, provide the Ada B. 's main propulsion. The boat has a running speed of 11 knots.

40' crew-tug

Master Marine Inc.

Master Marine Inc.


Master Marine Inc., Bayou La Batre, Ala., completed a 40' × 16' × 7' pilot line crew-tug for Valero Aruba Refining Co. N.V. last spring. The steel-hulled GUTU was specifically designed by Master Marine as a custom-built, multiuse tug. It can assist vessels up to 400', and can also facilitate crew changes, haul supplies, and assist in inspections. Main propulsion comes from twin Caterpillar C-7 electronic diesels, producing 275 hp at 2,400 rpm each. The GUTU has a running speed of 10.5 knots.

JULY 2006

40' utility boat

Kvichak Marine Industries

Kvichak Marine Industries

40' landing craft

Kvichak Marine Industries

150-passenger cats

Kvichak Marine Industries, Seattle, is building 10 MPF (Marine Prepositioning Force) aluminum, monohull landing craft. Called the 40' utility boat, the 44' × 14'6" vessel will be part of the Navy's Improved Navy Lighterage System. The first of the new series was delivered earlier this year and the 10th is scheduled for completion in December. The propulsion package includes twin, vibration-mounted Cummins QSM-11 engines, each rated at 660 hp at 2,300 rpm. Fully loaded, the boats do a little over 30 knots. Kvichak is also busy finishing construction on two 72' × 29' aluminum catamarans for Luxury Marinas in Puerto Rico. The Subchapter T boats will be capable of carrying up to 150 passengers at about 25 knots. Delivery of both cats is scheduled for December.

Harbor tug

C&G Boat Works

Crescent Towing

Noon Wednesday

In May, C&G Boat Works, Mobile, Ala., delivered a twin-screw harbor tug to Crescent Towing. The Noon Wednesday measures 75' × 40' × 16' and works tankers and other vessels on the Mobile Ship Channel. Main propulsion comes from twin EMD 16-645 diesels producing a combined 4,500 hp at 900 rpm. The power package makes for a running speed of 12.5 knots. On deck is a McElroy CME single-drum escort winch with 400' of 7"-circumference rope and powered by a 30-hp motor.

Double-ended ferry

Steiner Shipyard Inc.

Steiner Shipyard Inc.


Steiner Shipyard Inc., Bayou La Batre, Ala., delivered the 180' × 44' × 11' double-ended ferry Hatteras to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Morehead, N.C., earlier this year. The $5.8 million boat has a capacity of 400 passengers and 40 vehicles. Its draft is 5'6". The ferry has an A and B end, instead of a bow and stern. The steel-hulled ferry's spaces below the main deck are voids with the exception of the engine room, sanitation machinery, fuel tanks and propulsion compartments. The heads, emergency generator and engine room access are located off the centerline on the main deck. The single pilothouse sits on the centerline above passenger spaces on the bridge deck and includes identical steering stations at both ends. Main propulsion comes from twin Caterpillar 3412D diesels, spinning Voith Schneider 16 R5/120-1 propulsion units.

Water taxi

Thomas Marine Aluminum Boats

Fire Island Ferries


In June, Fire Island Water Taxi, Bay Shore, N.Y., placed its new aluminum water taxi into service. Designed and built at Thomas Marine Aluminum Boats, Patchogue, N.Y., the 35' × 11' Courier has room for 34 passengers and two crew. With a hard-chine monohull design, the Courier only draws 3' when in a displacement mode, and 20" when planing. The power to provide a fully loaded service speed of 25 knots comes from a pair of 230-hp Cummins QSB 5.9 liter diesels, driving two MerCruiser Bravo 2X stern drives with 20" wheels.


370' OSVs

Cianbro Corp., Bath Iron Works

Hornbeck Offshore Services

Hornbeck MPSV

The Benno C. Schmidt , the first of two sulfur carriers scheduled to be converted into one of the world's largest supply boats, arrived in Portland, Maine, in mid-June. Conversion work will be handled by Cianbro Corp. and Bath Iron Works (BIW). The vessels are owned by Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc., Covington, La. The second sulfur carrier, the W. K. McWilliams Jr. , arrived a couple of months later. The HOS 370 multipurpose supply vessels (MPSV) will be able to carry 30,000 bbls. of liquid mud. The MPSVs will be able to support offshore construction, deepwater well testing, subsea well intervention, ROV operations, pipeline commissioning, pipe hauling and flotel services. Delivery of the first MPSV is projected for mid-2007, and the second before the end of 2007.

85' ferry

Kitsap Catamarans

Kitsap Catamarans

Marina del Rey Flyer

A new catamaran ferry carrying up to 149 passengers is now operating out of Marina del Rey, Calif. The 85' × 36'6" Marina del Rey Flyer was designed and built by Kitsap Catamarans, Tacoma, Wash. The boat is powered by twin Caterpillar C32s, each rated at 1,400 hp, turning Hamilton 521 waterjets. Top speed is about 35 knots. The new boat rides on a hydrofoil system. The forward foil provides significant lift that improves speed and fuel economy, as well as reduces wake wash.

457' ferry refurb

Vancouver Drydock Co.

BC Ferries

Queen of Surrey

After seven months and an extensive $40 million (Can.) upgrade, the Queen of Surrey , a 457' passenger-vehicle ferry, returned to the BC Ferries fleet in late June. The 25-year-old ferry was hauled out at Washington Marine Group's Vancouver Drydock Co. in North Vancouver, B.C. The MAK engines only required routine maintenance. Much of the work involved stripping out, sandblasting and painting the superstructure, the car decks and the passenger areas.

175' crewboat

Midship Marine

Alan Haig-Brown

Bourbon Bora

The Bourbon Bora , the first of a series of new crewboats being built at Midship Marine in New Orleans for Bourbon Offshore, was delivered in the summer. Measuring 175' × 32' × 13', the new aluminum fast supplier can pack 37,600 gals. of fuel oil, 30,000 gals. of rig water, and 2,000 gals. of potable water. Four Cummins KTA50 M2 engines, each rated for 1,800 hp at 1,900 rpm, provide propulsion for the DP-1 vessel. During sea trials, the boat ran at 31 knots light and 21 knots fully loaded.


Ferry, research vessel

VT Halter Marine Inc.

Ken Hocke photos

Island Home


In July, VT Halter Marine Inc., Pascagoula, Miss., launched the Island Home , a 225' × 64' × 10'6" double-ended steel ferry for the Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority. The ferry has a capacity of 1,200 passengers and 76 vehicles. The Island Home was scheduled to head for its new home in November. The ferry is powered by twin EMD 12-710G7B diesels - one at the bow and one at the stern - each rated at 3,000 hp. The power package gives the new ferry a running speed of 16 knots. VT Halter also delivered the second of four fisheries survey vessels to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Fisheries Service. The 209' × 49' Henry B. Bigelow is a near sister of the Oscar Dyson , which Halter delivered in January 2005 . The Bigelow has accommodations for 39.

121' tugs

Washburn & Doughty Associates

Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering

ATB tug

In July, the steel was cut for the first of two 121' × 36' × 18' tugs to be built at Washburn & Doughty Associates in East Boothbay, Maine, for Moran Towing. The tugs are for articulated tug-barge units and were designed by Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering in Milford, Mass. Each tug will be outfitted with a pair of EMD 12-645F7B diesels, each producing 2,550 hp at 900 rpm. The tugs will link up to the barges through Intercon connection systems. They will both be mated with 110,000-bbl. petroleum barges. The double-hulled barges, designed by CT Marine, are being built at Bay Shipbuilding, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. The new tugs will be delivered at the same time as the barges, one in June 2007 and the second in the spring of 2008.

Patrol boat

Moose Boats Inc.

Bruce Buls

37' patrol boat

King County (Wash.) Sheriff's Office Marine/Dive Unit took delivery of a new patrol boat in 2006. Designed and built by Petaluma, Calif.-based Moose Boats Inc., the M2-37 patrol boat is an all-aluminum catamaran that measures 37'6" × 13'6" and is powered by twin Cummins QSB5.9 diesels (425 hp) combined with Twin Disc MG-5075 gears and Hamilton HJ292 waterjets. Top speed is about 36 knots. Service speed is around 27 knots. The new vessel is well equipped both as a command craft and as a law enforcement/search-and-rescue/emergency-response patrol boat. With an enclosed head, microwave, refrigerator, and single bunk, the boat and two operators can stay out for at least 48 hours. The pilothouse also has heating and air conditioning. Fuel capacity is 300 gals., and the range is over 275 nautical miles.

193' OSV

Bollinger Shipyards Inc.

Bollinger Shipyards Inc.

Mary Martin

In August, Bollinger Shipyards Inc. delivered the Mary Martin , a steel-hulled offshore supply boat, to AMT Marine. Bollinger and AMT are both based in Lockport, La. The 193' × 40' × 15' OSV's capacities include 61,200 gals. of fuel, 2,700 bbls. liquid mud, 4,500-cu.-ft. dry bulk, 9,960 gals. water, and 895 gals. gear oil. The variable-speed electric-motor-powered liquid mud pumps push product along at 700 gals. per minute at 150'. Dry bulk product can be pumped at a rate of 600-cu.-ft. per hour at 80 psi. Main propulsion comes from twin Caterpillar 3512B diesels, producing 1,575 hp at 1,800 rpm each.


145', 185', 164' OSV s

Master Boat Builders Inc.

ACO Tom Bienvenu

ACO Tom Bienvenu

Bayou La Batre, Ala.-based Master Boat Boat Builders Inc. delivered two vessels over the past few months to Abdon Callais Offshore LLC, Golden Meadow, La. First up was the Father John Keller . Delivered in June, the 145' × 36' × 12' steel-hulled DP-1 OSV has capacities that include 24,600 gals. of fuel and 1,250 bbls. of liquid mud. In August, the yard delivered the ACO Tom Bienvenu , a 185' × 46' × 15' steel-hulled DP-1 OSV. The boat has tankage for 6,000 cu. ft. of bulk mud in six 1,000 cu. ft. tanks, 2,350 bbls. of liquid mud, and 98,000 gals. fuel. In September, the Miss Emma Jo , a 164' × 36' × 12' DP-1 OSV, was delivered to Gulf Fleet Management. The vessel's capacities include 1,250 bbls. of liquid mud and 30,000 gals. fuel.

Seattle fireboat

Metalcraft Marine

City of Seattle

50' fireboat

MetalCraft Marine, Kingston, Ontario, delivered an aluminum 50' × 16' fireboat last summer to the city of Seattle. During trials, the boat pumped 6,600 gpm and hit 30.5 knots. Main propulsion is provided by twin Caterpillar C18s, each rated at 750 hp at 2,100 rpm, turning ZF350 gears and HamiltonJet HJ364 waterjets.

Crowley ATBs

VT Halter Marine Inc.

Vessel Management Services

Crowley ATB

VT Halter Marine Inc., Pascagoula, Miss., was awarded a new contract in September from Vessel Management Services Inc. to build four additional 185,000-bbl articulated tug-barge (ATB) units. The latest contract will bring the total number of ATBs for the Crowley Maritime Corp. subsidiary to 14. The new ATB units will be nearly identical to those under construction.

Water taxi

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

Ed Rogowsky

In September, Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding Corp., Somerset, Mass., launched the Ed Rogowsky , its third 72' × 39' water taxi for New York Water Taxi. A fourth water taxi is expected to be delivered in spring 2007. For main power, there are two 800-hp QSK19-M Cummins diesels that are hooked up to Twin Disc MGX-5135 marine gears. The transmissions have Twin Disc's Quick Shift feature, which is designed to reduce noise, vibration and the shock loads that occur when the water taxi arrives and departs the dock. Both engines and gears are on resilient mounts to reduce vibration and noise. Quick Shift permits the seamless shift from forward to reverse. The boats have a top speed of 26 knots loaded.


Research boats

All American Marine Inc.

All American Marine


All American Marine Inc., Bellingham, Wash., delivered two aluminum, Teknicraft-designed catamarans for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Both are research vessels. The Auk measures 48' × 21' and is powered by twin Cummins Marine QSC8.3M490 engines, each delivering 484 hp at 2,500 rpm. The vessel has a 20-knot cruise speed and a top speed of over 28 knots. The Auk operates in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay. The second vessel, the Fulmar , operates in marine sanctuaries off the central California coast. Measuring 66'9" × 24', the Fulmar is powered by twin MTU Detroit Diesel Series 60 14L engines, each delivering 740 hp at 2,300 rpm. The boat cruises at 22 knots at 73 percent power and can reach speeds exceeding 27 knots.

145' towboat

Conrad Shipyard LLC

Ken Hocke

William James under construction.

Conrad Shipyard LLC, Morgan City, La., is building a 145' × 40' × 11' towboat for the Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg (Miss.) District. Designed by CT Marine Inc., Edgecomb, Maine, the William James will have a draft of 8'3". Main propulsion will come from twin Caterpillar 3512B diesels, producing 1,675 hp each. The Cats will spin 5-bladed 102" Rolls-Royce/Bird Johnson wheels through Falk 2083 MRH marine gears, with 7.087:1 reduction ratios. The new towboat is scheduled to be delivered in February.

Ferry refurb

Bay Shipbuilding

Shoreline Sightseeing


Shoreline Sightseeing, Chicago, took delivery of the newly refurbished 250-passenger Voyageur in late June. Shoreline co-owner Matt Collopy decided that new construction would be too costly and purchased a Wisconsin passenger-truck ferry and modified it for his tour business. The 65' × 35' ferry was originally built in 1960 by Sturgeon Bay (Wis.) Shipbuilding (now Bay Shipbuilding) for Washington Island Ferry Line Inc. After the purchase, the boat was moved to Bay Shipbuilding where the superstructure was modified to accommodate more passengers and give her a lower profile to fit under Chicago River bridges. The bridge deck, located on the aft end, was removed and a new aft superstructure, which contained the bar, heads, etc., was built. Fixed wooden bench seating was welded to the open forward deck. New hospital-grade mufflers and Aquadrive vibration-isolator mounts were added to reduce engine noise.


Bollinger Shipyards Inc.

Bordelon Marine Inc.

Marcelle Bordelon

Bordelon Marine Inc., which had three 145' supply/utility boats built at Bollinger Shipyards in 2001, returned five years later to have a pair of 163'6" × 36' mini-suppliers built at the Lockport, La., yard. Bollinger delivered the Marcelle Bordelon earlier this year. The Sarah Bordelon was delivered in August 2005. The 163s essentially added a plug to the existing 145' design to provide additional capacity for methanol. The 165s have a liquid-mud capacity of 1,230 bbls. Methanol capacity is 44,600 gals. Both the Sarah and Marcelle are outfitted with the Beier IVCS 2000 dynamic positioning system with independent rudders steering control and propulsion system control. Each vessel is powered by two Cummins KTA-38M0 main engines producing 900 hp each at 1,600 rpm.

ASD tugs

Eastern Shipbuilding Group

Jensen Maritime Consultants

96' tug

As part of a $100 million capital construction program, Seabulk Towing is having five 96' × 34' × 14'9" tugs built at Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Fla. The ASD tugs will be powered by pairs of 2,500-hp Caterpillar 3516BHD diesels turning two Schottel SRP1215FP Z-drives. The power package is designed to deliver a bollard pull of 126,000 lbs. at the maximum continuous-rated horsepower. To meet a FiFi-1 classification, each tug will have two FFS model 1200 fire monitors, capable of delivering 5,248 gpm at 400'. The two Nijhuis pumps are rated at 5,800 gpm and are powered by twin 848-hp Caterpillar 3412D diesels. The first two tugs are scheduled to be delivered in December, and the remaining three will be delivered at three-month intervals after that.



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