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Lee Shore Boats to build new fireboat for East Jefferson Fire Rescue


East Jefferson Fire Rescue (EJFR) has selected Port Angeles, Wash.-based Lee Shore Boats to build their new district fireboat.

The 30’ aluminum boat will be powered by twin 250 hp outboard engines and will have an enclosed cabin for patient treatment. Additionally, it will have a 330 hp marinized 5.7 liter Chevrolet engine, which will provide water-pumping capacity of 1,250 gpm at 125 PSI for firefighting. The boat also will have a diverter system that splits water between waterjet propulsion and a fire manifold and monitor to provide a secondary, prop-free method of propulsion. This will enhance safety when retrieving divers, working with victims or when the boat is taken into very shallow water. 

The acquisition of the new boat will allow EJFR to redeploy its existing 21’ fire boat, Volunteer, to a slip in Cape George Colony’s private marina, where it will be able to respond more quickly to firefighting and search and rescue operations in Discovery Bay. The new vessel’s primary area of operations will include Admiralty Inlet, Port Townsend Bay, the north Quimper Peninsula and Marrowstone Island.

The boat’s construction is expected to take approximately nine months and it will be delivered to EJFR in early 2014.



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