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Iridium Extreme, Company’s Smallest Handheld Satellite Phone, Is Launched


Global Satellite USA announces the launch of Iridium’s smallest handheld satellite phone, the Iridium Extreme.

Global Satellite says the Iridium Extreme is the most compact handset to date and has a compact physical footprint for streamlined portability. It has greater durability with its water, shock, and dust resistant features, the company says, and has an intuitive user interface, making it easy to use.

“This is the first handheld satellite phone to have GPS tracking integrated,” says  Martin Fierstone, president of Global Satellite, in a company press release. “I believe that tracking is becoming an industry standard when it comes to global mobile communication. Companies are looking to improve their efficiency and reduce their overheads and tracking personnel and assets, has to be an important part of that strategy.”

Despite its small size, Iridium Extreme is ruggedly engineered to support the toughest, highest usage customers of satellite phone communications in the harshest conditions, everywhere, Global Satellite says.

The company says it’s the first satellite phone with military-grade (MIL-STD 810F) durability, and it’s the first satellite phone with an Ingress Protection rating of IP65. Dust proof, shock resistant and jet-water resistant, the Extreme includes a speakerphone and wind-resistant microphone. A diamond tread, tapered grip gives it top-notch in-hand ergonomics, Global Satellite says.

Through certified online portals, such Global Satellite Engineering’s, Iridium Extreme offers an open development platform for custom location-based solutions providing real time tracking to help increase business efficiencies, improve military and emergency response, track critical assets or simply keep family and friends up to date.

The Extreme allows you to access users through on-demand tracking, monitor employees en route through position updates and geo-fencing, and use scheduled check-ins to instruct daily missions. Users can also disable tracking on demand for stealth operations.

Family and friends can track your location online through social network updates. Iridium Extreme even allows you to send an SMS text message with your exact location co-ordinates to anyone viewable on an online map, from anywhere on the planet.

For more information on the Iridium Extreme, visit Global Satellite’s new website at




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