JRC Celebrates Milestone, Delivers 15,000th Tornado™ Radar


Japan Radio Co. Ltd. (JRC) announces it has delivered its 15,000th Tornado™ radar from the Mitaka factory in Tokyo.

Developed exclusively by JRC’s engineers, the Tornado™ radar processor, found in the JMA-5200 through to the JMA-9100 series, has brought a new level of performance and reliability to radar operation, JRC says. This new capability, JRC says, allows the radars to easily perform the complex tasks associated with the company’s other in-house developed technologies, Constaview™ and Target Enhancement Function (TEF™).

JRC’s Constaview™ is designed to allow full processing of data within milliseconds, generating a smooth and continuous radar image rotation. TEF™ allows target enhancement relative to the target size, JRC says, resulting in a proportional enhancement where the relative enhancement of smaller targets is greater than applied to larger targets.

Since the first JMA-5300 Tornado™ radar was shipped in 2004, JRC has delivered an average of 6 per day to reach the 15,000-unit milestone.

“We are thrilled to have delivered so many radars around the world,” says Tamiho Shinya, executive officer of the marine division in a company press release, “and even more pleased to see that so many of our customers are able to take full advantage of our systems.”




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