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AMOT MPD Detects Metal Particles in Lubricating Oils


AMOT describes its metal particle detector (MPD) as an on-line continuous wear debris monitor that signals the presence of metal particles in lubricating oils. The MPD, AMOT adds, alerts the operator to perform oil condition checks to determine machinery health status.

Timely detection of metal particles ensures reliable machine conditions, the manufacturer says, and maximizes asset availability by avoiding unnecessary downtime. In addition, metal particle detection can verify filter system performance and failure, confirm system flushing, detect high corrosion and abrasion wear, identify improper machine repair, eliminate sampling errors and confirm corrective maintenance.

Compact, lightweight and durable, the  MPD has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body with no moving parts. Users install the MPD in a side stream of the lube oil/fluid for gas or diesel engines and reciprocating or rotating compressors, pumps, turbines, transmissions and gearboxes. Its grid-sensing patented technology detects all conductive materials, AMOT says, including non-magnetic particles, in non-conductive fluid lubrication systems.

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