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Jensen Expands Presence to Southern U.S., Grows Capabilities and Staff


Jensen Maritime Consultants Inc. announces that it has expanded operations to the southern region of the United States with the addition of a second office within parent company Crowley Maritime Corp.’s Jacksonville, Fla., headquarters.

The addition of a strategic southern presence places Jensen in closer proximity to many of its customers and established shipyards, while also increasing Jensen’s staff and capabilities.

The new office will be managed by Senior Naval Architect Daniel Cavalier, who recently transitioned from Crowley to Jensen, and now reports to Jensen’s Roy Neyman, manager, project management, in Seattle. Jensen’s primary office will continue to operate from Pier 17 in Seattle.

Jensen, which is celebrating 50 years of service this year, says it has experienced rapid growth since being acquired by Crowley in 2008. Today, Jensen describes itself as a full-service naval architecture and marine engineering provider — with services ranging from initial concept design through the final delivery stage — and is now positioned to take on larger, full-scale naval architecture and marine engineering assignments, including as offshore design projects and sealifts to support companies in the oil and energy industry.

The addition of Cavalier to Jensen’s Jacksonville staff will continue to further integrate Crowley’s shipyard contracting, construction management, owner’s representation, vessel trials and delivery, and warranty program management skills and experience with Jensen’s design, engineering and naval architecture expertise. This union of company-wide knowledge, Jensen says, will provide custom solutions for clients looking for any combination of design, architecture and project management services.

“The decision to streamline the services of Jensen and Crowley allow us to provide a single-solutions source for customers looking for a turnkey operation,” says Crowley’s Todd Busch, senior vice president and general manager, technical services, in a company press release. “Most of the large energy projects that we undertake, such as sealifts, have a naval architecture and engineering component — an area that Jensen has and will continue to provide a great deal of expertise on.”

As a result, Jensen is now poised to become a major player in Crowley’s newly formed Project Solutions group. This Houston-based team bundles company-wide services and assets with the company’s management skills to deliver complete marine solutions to a variety of customers, including those in the upstream energy and mining sectors.

“Working with Crowley has exposed us to working with larger shipyards, vessel owners who operate bigger ships, and has given us the opportunity to grow the company in directions we didn’t think possible,” says Johan Sperling, Jensen’s vice president. “Our team of talented architects and designers has only gotten stronger and there is no limit to what we can do with the support that Crowley has given us.”

Other organizational changes include increases in the size of its staff by 30 percent in just three short years — with seven employees added in 2011 alone.




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