ABS Nautical Systems Releases Next Generation of NS5 Software Suite

ABS Nautical Systems says the redesign and release of its suite of asset management software, NS5 has yielded substantial improvements a new next generation version, NS5 Enterprise. The improvements, ABS Nautical Systems says, have resulted in a user-friendly software that is a first-of-its kind application on the market today.

Continually evolving to meet industry needs, NS5 Enterprise boasts a versatile design that the Houston-based company says allows all users – from senior management to crew members – 24/7 access to relevant data from their overall business landscape. While owners and senior management can retrieve the latest real-time information on the status of their fleets, shipboard and shoreside users can reference this same data as it relates to their particular job functions.

This new element provides dashboards with customized views to examine key performance indicators including fleet-wide data for maintenance, supply chain, safety and personnel records. With access to the latest business intelligence data and the ability to drill down into vessel specifics, NS5 Enterprise can help improve planning decisions.

“Data that senior management normally request from managers regarding the status of their fleet is directly available to them anytime, anywhere,” says Fernando Lehrer, vice president of product development at ABS Nautical Systems in a company press release. “In addition, crews can see how their job functions tie into the overall success of the company. These are significant steps to improving communication on all fronts.”

ABS Nautical Systems says it also recognizes the value of customer feedback and as such, designed NS5 Enterprise in partnership with a global usability research firm that focuses on improving user experience. They garnered and incorporated direct feedback from ABS Nautical Systems’ clients to advance numerous critical software performance elements, such as user experience, navigation, speed and reporting. They brought a wealth of experience to the NS5 Enterprise design and functionality through their work with Fortune 500 companies that include Motorola, Abbott and Verizon Wireless.

Additionally, major advancements have been made to NS5 Enterprise’s system performance, in particular as it relates to searching and retrieving large quantities of data. Users can load data or run reports, regardless of size, in a tenth of the time it previously took.

A “live” version of NS5 Enterprise is also available. The business database is hosted on a dedicated server and users gain access by logging in with a user ID and password. This option eliminates the need for remote office licenses and installations, while significantly reducing IT infrastructure costs.

For more information, visit www.abs-ns.com.




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