BOEMRE completes Final Supplemental EIS for Western Gulf of Mexico lease sale


The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement today released a Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for proposed oil and gas Lease Sale 218 in the Western Planning Area in the Gulf of Mexico.

The SEIS updates the findings in several previously published environmental reviews covering the Gulf of Mexico. It also incorporates the latest available information pertaining to the Western Gulf of Mexico Planning Area following the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.

“The analysis contained in this Final SEIS incorporates new research and reflects broad public input on the environmental effects of oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico,” said BOEMRE Director Michael R. Bromwich in a press statement. “These findings will allow us to make well-supported decisions based on a broad array of scientific information regarding the proposed Western Gulf Sale.”

Lease Sale 218 is the last remaining Western Gulf Planning Area sale scheduled in the 2007–2012 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Natural Gas Leasing Program. The sale was delayed following the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.

A Federal Register notice announcing the availability of the Final SEIS will be published on Thursday, Aug. 11.

Volume I: Chapters 1-4 and Volume II: Chapters 5-8 and Appendices of the SEIS can be viewed online at the BOEMRE website.

A list of Gulf Coast libraries that have a copy of the SEIS for viewing is also online, and the SEIS can also be obtained through the BOEMRE Gulf of Mexico Region’s Public Information Office by calling 800-200-GULF (4853).




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