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Communication is key


Communication. We do it in so many ways that sometimes we need to step back and think about what we are really trying to convey and how we are going about it.   Continued »


Independent contractors and injuries


Independent contractors are widely used in the maritime industry. Contractors can often do things in a turnkey manner, carry their own insurance, use their own equipment and reduce a company’s liability in some instances.   Continued »


New stuff: VHF radio with GPS BUILT IN AND small radar with multispeed antenna


A couple of recently introduced electronics products could be good additions to the wheelhouse of a small commercial workboat or serve as backups on larger workboats.   Continued »

The GX2200 VHF from Standard Horizon features a built-in GPS receiver.

Stronger Backbone


The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) represents major marine electronics manufacturers such as Furuno and Simrad, as well as marine electronics dealerships around the U.S.    Continued »





The big bow fender, supplied by Schuyler, is needed for LNG and other work.

The I’s Have It


Signet Maritime has been more than happy with the highly maneuverable and efficient Signet Weatherly built at its Mississippi yard in 2012. The 4,720-hp Robert Allan Ltd. RAmparts 3200-class ocean towing and escort tug and its 61 MT of bollard pull have exceeded expectations.   Continued »


Vigor expands by merging with Oregon Iron


Oregon Iron Works (OIW) and Vigor Industrial, two of Oregon’s largest industrial companies, moved to officially join forces in May with the expectation that their combined facilities and capabilities will provide additional growth opportunities.   Continued »

Leevac entered the repair business about a year ago.

Cashing In


U.S. shipyards are enjoying another year of good health — as in healthy orderbooks.   Continued »


No boom to bust this time


In his annual shipyard report a year ago, Senior Editor Ken Hocke reported that yards were bursting at the seams with OSVs and other vessels.   Continued »

The plan is to eventually go national with the wireless network, with coverage along the Ohio and Lower Mississippi rivers.

Wireless Waterways


The Port of Pittsburgh is pioneering an innovative broadband wireless network that it says will improve efficiency, communications, and navigational safety on the nation’s inland rivers.   Continued »

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