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Voyage planning — Part III


An important part of a successful voyage is the ability to make modifications once the vessel is underway.   Continued »


Bridge clearance woes on the Western Rivers


A growing problem on the Western Rivers is vertical bridge clearance. It is always on the minds of passenger vessel operators like me that operate boats with tall stacks. However, vertical clearance is also becoming a problem for operators that haul containers and similar types of cargo with height issues.   Continued »


Quicker LNG approval?


In August, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) finalized a plan to rejig its process for approving LNG exports, including the elimination of preliminary approvals by DOE.   Continued »


Index bounces back in August


After suffering through its worst month of the year in July, the WorkBoat Index recouped about a third of the losses in August. For the month, winners topped losers 20-11. In July, only one company was in the black.   Continued »


There‘s a lot of imported coal and it’s cheap


Over 40 years ago when I worked in operations for Norfolk & Western Railway (since merged with Norfolk Southern) in train operations, coal was literally everywhere, including in your eyes, ears, nose and throat. Now it seems that coal has gone global.   Continued »


How to get your insurance cancelled


Let’s talk about being dumped by your insurer.   Continued »


Independent medical exams can fuel mistrust


Claimants in any maritime injury case usually undergo a mandatory medical exam. This holds true whether they’re a seamen under the Jones Act, shoreside personnel under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, passengers or simply visitors on board a vessel for a quick tour.   Continued »

Like the motors and the installation, the console display is simple.



It’s not uncommon to repower older boats, especially those built 86 years ago.   Continued »

International Paint's Interfine 5703 shows excellent color and gloss retention after seven months in service.

Coat of Arms


An important component of any workboat, one that is often taken for granted until it looks like hell and you realize it can’t be ignored, is paint.   Continued »

MetalCraft’s latest Firestorm 50 is now operating in Alexandria, Va.

Call to Action


The Fort Ripley, a new aluminum 64-footer built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding in Massachusetts, has a clear mission. It says so in red letters on both sides of the cabin: RESPONSE.    Continued »

Featured Content
Shipyard gets back to its survey vessel roots
On Monday, I bopped over to Gulfport, Miss., about 90 minutes from New Orleans, for the commissioning of a new 82' survey vessel built by Geo Shipyard in New Iberia, La. Author: David Krapf
October 30, 2014
Breakaway barge likely to winter on ice
The owner of a barge drifting in the Beaufort Sea hasn't been able to find any nearby tugs to rescue the vessel so it is likely to become locked-in by sea ice. Author: Leslie Taylor
October 30, 2014
Do Coast Guard transfers create an ‘experience vacuum’?
I feel that the Coast Guard should devise a system that would preserve knowledge and maintain continuity without undercutting the career advancement of its personnel. Author: Capt. Alan Bernstein
October 30, 2014
Shell requests lease extensions in the Arctic
In a letter from Shell to BSEE, Shell says it hasn’t been able to complete its exploratory Arctic drilling due to factors beyond its control.   Author: Bruce Buls
October 28, 2014
Vessel operators and foreign corrupt practices
It can be easy to view corruption as just part of the cost of doing business. There is even a view that corruption is business friendly since it sometimes greases the wheels of obstructive bureaucracy. Author: Capt. Max Hardberger
October 28, 2014

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