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The end of a passenger vessel and a business


I’ve seen this too many times in the last few years. It all starts with a passenger vessel company that is doing fine and then either sells to new owners or expands into new areas.   Continued »


An old sea lesson unfolded


Sometimes the lore of the sea gets ahead of itself. For example, is a ship captain really obligated to go down with the ship? Will a ship’s master face penalties for scooting clear of the ship’s rail leaving passengers and crew to fend for themselves?   Continued »

Four Cummins Tier 3 diesels provide main propulsion.

Back to Business


The construction and delivery of the new 175'×25'×13'6", DP-2, fast supply vessel (FSV) Riley Claire was a series of firsts for the vessel’s builder, owner, and waterjet manufacturer.     Continued »


Riley Claire, Mason G SPECIFICATIONS


August 204 Riley Claire, Mason G SPECIFICATIONS   Continued »


New welding equipment provides flexibility


Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave S350 is a third generation inverter welder. Match this up with the company’s recently introduced Advanced Module and you get several advantages, especially for aluminum welding.   Continued »

Lincoln Electric’s new Power Wave S350 and its recently introduced Advanced Module permit the use of DC and AC current for MIG welding.

Tough Weld


Your outfit is about halfway finished with a new pilot boat, but now things are complicated and a bit tense because you just signed a contract to build a ferry on a very tight schedule.   Continued »


2014 MACC: Fewer boats but still relevant


August 2014 2014 MACC: Fewer boats but still relevant   Continued »

Introduced to the marine industry at MACC 2014, the new Cummins CorePlus motor generator is about the size of a car tire and can be mounted behind a main engine, either directly or with a clutched shaft. Thanks to internal permanent magnets and new control technology, the units are highly efficient and versatile, providing either electrical or mechanical power.

Marching Orders


The message from government to industry was clear and concise: Affordability.   Continued »


Cybersecurity concerns


Should workboat operators be concerned about potential cyber attacks?   Continued »

A collaborative effort is needed from all facets of the industry to address cybersecurity.

Maritime Mayhem


A dozen suspects were arrested last year and two tons of cocaine and heroin seized by Belgian and Dutch authorities who alleged a group of criminals used hackers to manipulate maritime companies’ computers and unload the drugs from a container.   Continued »

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Will Mexico see more U.S. OSVs?
If Mexico's new oil reforms work, U.S. OSV operators will receive a nice boost and relocate more vessels to the region. Author: David Krapf
August 28, 2014
Repair yards deserve more attention
Newbuild construction gets the attention, while repair yards operate mostly behind the scenes. Author: Ken Hocke
August 28, 2014
Has the Coast Guard gone international?
I am increasingly concerned with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It’s not about the group’s regulation of international vessels but with the potential impact that emerging IMO rules might have on domestic U.S. vessel operators and mariners.  The Coast Guard Author: Capt. Alan Bernstein
August 28, 2014
Wood boats, aluminum boats and Port Townsend
It's still summer, still a good time to be on the water, whether for work or pleasure. Last week, I got a chance to do both at the same time. Author: Bruce Buls
August 26, 2014
What’s next for shipping assets?
Theories on optimal ownership structures for capital assets are like the shipping markets — they go in cycles. Since workboats are often ancillary to some larger business mission, I am always scanning the business news for clues about company architecture. Author: Barry Parker
August 26, 2014

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