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Independent medical exams can fuel mistrust


Claimants in any maritime injury case usually undergo a mandatory medical exam. This holds true whether they’re a seamen under the Jones Act, shoreside personnel under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, passengers or simply visitors on board a vessel for a quick tour.   Continued »

Like the motors and the installation, the console display is simple.



It’s not uncommon to repower older boats, especially those built 86 years ago.   Continued »

International Paint's Interfine 5703 shows excellent color and gloss retention after seven months in service.

Coat of Arms


An important component of any workboat, one that is often taken for granted until it looks like hell and you realize it can’t be ignored, is paint.   Continued »

MetalCraft’s latest Firestorm 50 is now operating in Alexandria, Va.

Call to Action


The Fort Ripley, a new aluminum 64-footer built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding in Massachusetts, has a clear mission. It says so in red letters on both sides of the cabin: RESPONSE.    Continued »


Repair yards equal money


The thousands of workboats that ply the waters off the U.S. coasts, on the inland waterways, and in harbors and ports have, obviously, already been built. Each one, consequently, has a date with a repair yard looming in the near future — either by law, by necessity or both.   Continued »

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Med Alert


The Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee (MEDMAC) was formed three years ago to help simplify and clarify a medical review process that vexes many mariners trying to get their credentials from the Coast Guard.   Continued »

At Colonna’s Shipyard, Navy vessel shaft work is one of its specialties.

Steady Fix


Repair yard owners like what they’ve seen over the past year and expect more of the same going forward.   Continued »


October 2014 Mailbag


October 2014 Mailbag   Continued »


October 2014 NEWS BITTS


October 2014 NEWS BITTS   Continued »

Massachusetts enacted its tank vessel laws after Bouchard Transportation’s B. No. 120 barge drifted off course and hit a shoal, releasing 98,000 gals. of No. 6 fuel oil into Buzzard’s Bay in 2003.

Signet tows aircraft carrier to texas scrap yard


October 2014 Signet tows aircraft carrier to texas scrap yard   Continued »

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