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The double-hulled, DP-2 offshore refueling vessel Great Expectations is working in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fuel Station


It’s all about capacity these days and the new 314'×66'×30' DP-2 offshore refueling vessel Great Expectations has plenty of it.   Continued »

New PSV bow design provides more accommodations space.

Forward Thinking


You’re taking barges up river when you hear the first of several quick “thumps” along the bottom. That’s followed by a problem with the steering. The guy on the back deck sees a couple of logs pop to the surface, having just slammed the running gear.   Continued »

Lynn Peterson, secretary of the Washington Department of Transportation, christened the Tokitae last March, surrounded by Vigor Industrial CEO Frank Foti (pink hard hat), state Rep. Judy Clibborn and Capt. George Capacci, deputy chief of operations and construction.



Washington state has the largest ferry system in the U.S. With 22 boats, Washington State Ferries carry 22.5 million passengers and 10 million vehicles a year between 20 terminals. Its biennial operating budget is currently $483 million. The system employs 1,800 people. WSF’s $600 million vessel upgrade program has produced four new boats over the past four years and two more are in the pipeline.   Continued »


Oil price drop: Don‘t panic


As we went to press in mid-October, oil prices were in the midst of a very bad run, hovering near multiyear lows.   Continued »


November 2014 Mailbag


November 2014 Mailbag   Continued »


November 2014 News Bitts


November 2014 News Bitts   Continued »


Seattle, Tacoma ports form new partnership


It’s not a merger, but in October the Washington state ports of Seattle and Tacoma announced the beginnings of a joint operation they are calling the Seaport Alliance. The alliance will focus entirely on protecting marine cargo market share and growing cargo volumes for Puget Sound.   Continued »


Fate of Wisconsin boatbuilder uncertain


Fate of Wisconsin boatbuilder uncertain   Continued »


Fueled by shale, opportunities for barge companies grow


Shipments of crude oil, refined products and biofuels by barge from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico — mostly crude oil from North Dakota and Canada — rebounded slightly in the second quarter, according to Department of Energy statistics.   Continued »


Boatbuilding Bitts


November 2014 Boatbuilding Bitts   Continued »

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When I bought a train ticket recently from Hamburg, Germany, to Copenhagen, Denmark, little did I know that I was in for a ride on an award-winning hybrid ferry. Author: Kathy Bergren Smith
November 20, 2014
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Nav lights that tell the rest of us what your vessel is, how big it is and what it’s doing so we can maneuver accordingly. Author: Capt. Peter Squicciarini
November 20, 2014
Ship owner not immune from its medical staff
No doubt there's worried boardroom talk following the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal's decision declining to apply the Barbetta rule.  Author: John K. Fulweiler
November 18, 2014
Realigning oil services’ big three
To say that Halliburton’s planned $35 billion deal to acquire oilfield services’ rival Baker Hughes is a result of lower oil prices is oversimplification. Author: Dr. William J. Pike
November 18, 2014

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