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GAINERS %CHANGE American Commercial Lines Inc. 24.75 Superior Energy Services Inc. 16.47 Raytheon Co. 7.31 K-Sea Transportation Partners 2.81 Trinity Industries 2.02 LOSERS %CHANGE Twin Disc Inc. -57.21 Cal Dive International Inc. -28.40 Cummins Engine Inc. -24.08 Manitowoc Company   Continued »

Joel Milton works on towing vessels. He can be reached

Full speed ahead for novice mates


This year, the first graduating class from the “Workboat Mate” program will be hitting the decks on a tug or OSV near you. Two affiliated training institutions, one on each coast, launched the “Workboat Mate” program in 2006. The program   Continued »

Bernie Jacobson is a management consultant
    specializing in passenger vessels. He can be reached at
    617-247-4110 or

Why do we have the cabotage laws?


U.S. Customs and Border Protection wants to amend our cabotage laws to crack down on foreign-flag cruise lines that offer cruises with just one short stop at a foreign port. An example of what CBP is targeting would be   Continued »


Oil service companies hit hard


In January, the WorkBoat Composite Index was unable to avoid Wall Street’s woes and posted a big loss. Losers topped winners by a 4-1 ratio. For the month, the Index lost 50 points or almost 3 percent. Oil service issues   Continued »

Daniel J. Hoerner is a New Orleans-based maritime
    attorney at Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett LLC. He
    can be reached at 504-595-3000 or

OSHA flexes its enforcement muscle


The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently addressed whether the execution of an administrative search warrant by force violates constitutionally protected rights against unreasonable search and seizure. Trinity Marine Products Inc. v. Chao, Secretary of Department of Labor involved   Continued »


Index Comparisons


Index Comparisons   Continued »

Kevin Horn is a senior manager with GEC Inc.,
    Delaplane, Va.

Big tug, small port


The children’s book “The Little Engine That Could” describes how a little steam railroad engine saved the day by helping to move the train. WorkBoat ’s February cover story, “Florida Muscle,” brought back memories of “The Little Tugs That Could.”   Continued »


Shallow vs. deep water


The U.S. Gulf workboat industry was a tale of two markets in 2007. Vessels that service the shallow water have seen day rates and utilization dip while rates for deepwater OSVs stayed strong in 2007. However, an improved shallow-water   Continued »

Demand for big engines remains strong.

Taking Stock


Anybody who watched Eli Manning and the New York Giants scramble their way to victory in the Super Bowl can understand how important quick reactions are in pulling yourself out of a potentially disastrous situation. Being quick can also   Continued »




If you’re planning an engine rebuild, then you’d better pay attention to a two-part program being finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency . It will eventually require an air emission reduction kit to be part of any engine-rebuilding package. The   Continued »

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August 28, 2014
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August 28, 2014
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I am increasingly concerned with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It’s not about the group’s regulation of international vessels but with the potential impact that emerging IMO rules might have on domestic U.S. vessel operators and mariners.  The Coast Guard Author: Capt. Alan Bernstein
August 28, 2014
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It's still summer, still a good time to be on the water, whether for work or pleasure. Last week, I got a chance to do both at the same time. Author: Bruce Buls
August 26, 2014
What’s next for shipping assets?
Theories on optimal ownership structures for capital assets are like the shipping markets — they go in cycles. Since workboats are often ancillary to some larger business mission, I am always scanning the business news for clues about company architecture. Author: Barry Parker
August 26, 2014

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