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NEWS BITTS - Manitowoc completes sale of marine segment


The Manitowoc Company recently announced that it had completed the sale of its marine segment to Fincantieri Marine Group Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of Fincantieri-Cantieri Navali Italiani SpA (Fincantieri).   Continued »


Index Summary


GAINERS %CHANGE Global Industries 15.69 Caterpillar Inc. 7.30 LOSERS %CHANGE Trico Marine Services Inc. -57.56 Ambassadors International Inc. -47.92 American Commercial Lines Inc. -39.84 Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc. -39.11 Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc. -29.08 SUMMARY OF   Continued »


Index loses another 8 percent


After suffering through its worst month ever in October when it lost over a quarter of its value, the WorkBoat Composite Index lost another 82 points, or 8.13 percent in November. Once again, the losses topped the broad market, with   Continued »

Joel Milton works on towing vessels. He can be reached

Don't press your luck


Everyone is familiar with Murphy’s Law — anything that can go wrong will, and usually at the worst possible moment. I’ve been a believer in this theory for as long as I can remember, without ever really giving it much   Continued »

Bernie Jacobson is a management consultant
    specializing in passenger vessels. He can be reached at
    617-247-4110 or

Changing future passenger weight and vessel stability rules


At a recent Passenger Vessel Association regional meeting, extensive discussions were held between vessel operators, naval architects, and the Coast Guard on new passenger weight and vessel stability regulations. The new regulations could adversely affect the carrying capacities on scores   Continued »


Rates rise again in November


The U.S. Gulf workboat market continued to see higher average day rates for supply vessels and crewboats during November. Supply vessel operators saw day rates for the smaller vessels increase $860 during November to an average day rate of $11,540.   Continued »

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Can the barge industry navigate around the finacial mess?


There is an old Wall Street joke about cans of fish that were traded from one buyer to another. When the market declined, the last buyer tries to eat the fish and finds that they are inedible. The punch   Continued »


Index Comparisons


INDEX NET PERCENT COMPARISONS 10/31/08 11/28/08 CHANGE CHANGE Operators 758.74 654.65 -104.09 -13.72 Suppliers 1027.12 1011.67 -15.45 -1.50 Shipyards 569.16 493.72 -75.44 -13.25 Workboat Composite 1007.53 925.64 -81.89 -8.13 Oil Service Index 153.41 137.66 -15.75 -10.27 Dow Jones Industrials   Continued »

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Arbitration and the commercial mariner


Arbitration is widely used to resolve disputes in the maritime industry that range from seamen’s injuries to shipbuilding contracts. Today, employers often include arbitration clauses in employment agreements. This means that an employee agrees that any future disputes will   Continued »

It often takes some trial and error to find just the
    right props for outboards.

Propped UP


Lincoln Davis of Stetson & Pinkham , an outboard motor dealer and repair shop in Waldoboro, Maine, believes the demand for outboards will grow because “outboards are a deal, a low-cost deal.” “But when money seems easy to come   Continued »

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Seahawks, shipyards and love
“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done/Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung/Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game/It’s easy.”    Author: Bruce Buls
December 18, 2014
Celebrating oil, shrimping and fishing
One of my challenges as publisher of WorkBoat and National Fisherman is reconciling for our audiences the sometimes competing interests of those who harvest fish and those who drill for oil and natural gas in the ocean.  Author: Sound Off
December 18, 2014
Reviving U.S.-Cuba trade, more than cigars
President Obama's announcement that the United States will begin to open trade and diplomatic relations with Cuba is being received as as early Christmas present by the cruise, ferry, cargo vessel and port industries.   Author: Pamela Glass
December 18, 2014
The status of LNG regulatory policies
The Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise projects that liquefied gas carrier arrivals to the U.S. will grow from approximately 1,000 a year to 3,800.  Author: Sound Off
December 16, 2014
Dynamic positioning proposed rule
The USCG has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking concerning dynamic positioning activities on the Outer Continental Shelf. Author: Ken Hocke
December 16, 2014

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