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Kvichak Marine Industries recently completed a 72'10" × 21'4" aluminum pilot boat for the Columbia River Bar Pilots , Astoria, Ore. Designed by UK-based Camarc Ltd., the bright-orange Columbia, joins its bright-yellow sistership, the Chinook (also Camarc designed), which Kvichak   Continued »


July 2008 - WorkBoat Looks Back(3)


SBlt With over $400 million in work either completed or underway, the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway is now 20 percent complete. Work on the waterway began in 1972. The first lock and dam at Gainesville, Ala., which cost $33 million to build,   Continued »

New quarters boat for the Corps is completely

On the Ways


In late May, Patti Shipyard Inc., Pensacola, Fla., was finishing up work on a new quarters barge for the Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul (Minn.) District . It’s the fourth quarters barge Patti has built for the Corps,   Continued »


NEWS BITTS - Buyer finally found for coastal cruisers


Seven years after being tied up after bankruptcy, the Cape May Light and Cape Cod Light have finally been sold.   Continued »


NEWS BITTS - GAO to investigate Coast Guard's judge system


The Government Accountability Office , the investigative arm of Congress, will audit the U.S. Coast Guard ’s Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) system, which has been under fire since last year.   Continued »


Mail Bag


Quit your complaining It seems that every month in Mail Bag there is at least one complaint about the way sailors have run into problems obtaining their TWIC cards. I’m getting a little tired of reading about the sailor who   Continued »


NEWS BITTS - K-Sea purchases eight tugs for $42 million


K-Sea purchases eight tugs for $42 million K-Sea Transportation Partners LP, Staten Island, N.Y., has purchased eight tugs previously owned and operated by affiliates of New York-based Roehrig Maritime for approximately $41.9 million in cash.   Continued »


nozzles improve thrust and fuel use for foss


For about 15 years, Seattle-based Foss Maritime has been getting better fuel efficiency and more thrust out of its older tugs after changing out open wheels for props inside nozzles. The first Foss boats to make the change were   Continued »


Waterjet performance depends on where and how jets are used


The effect of a damaged waterjet impeller on a boat’s speed and power are first noticed on the tachometer, particularly when the boat is operating in silty water. However, the loss of efficiency doesn’t come from silt damaging the impeller.   Continued »


Tired mariners - Part II


Long-overdue changes are coming to the old “six and six” (six-hours-on/six-hours-off) two-watch system currently employed aboard most tugs and towboats and on some offshore service ves­sels. The question is, what the changes will be? Few of the watch rotation   Continued »

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October 16, 2014
Shipyards and mathematics
The lack of basic math skills is making it tougher to bring young adults into the shipbuilding industry. Author: Ken Hocke
October 16, 2014

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