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David Krapf, Editor In Chief

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Business is good. New boats are being built in impressive numbers, and most vessel operators are making money. So what will spoil this unprecedented run? Another offshore bust, overbuilding? How about companies forced to idle big chunks of their fleets   Continued »

Kevin Horn is a senior manager with GEC Inc.,
    Delaplane, Va.

Walk on the river at the Corps planning conference


San Antonio SSRq s Riverwalk had humble beginnings as a 1930s-era Army Corps of Engineers flood control project. Since then, the Riverwalk has been developed as a scenic tourist attraction, and it provided a suitable backdrop for the Corps   Continued »

Tim Akpinar is a Little Neck, N.Y.-based maritime
    attorney and former marine engineer. He can be reached at
    718-224-9824 or

An engineer's worst nightmare


In May, U.S. attorneys in the Southern District of Florida charged Norwegian Cruise Line Ltd. with grossly negligent operation of the S.S. Norway . This came about five years after a boiler explosion aboard the ship killed eight crewmembers and   Continued »


Louisiana targeting marine training


Louisiana is making a concerted effort to recruit high school students and others into the maritime industry and other trade industries that operate in the state. The state’s new governor, Bobby Jindal, has made stemming the outflow of Louisiana workers   Continued »


Insuring your crew - Part II


In the 20th century, our more litigious society demanded protection for crews and vessel owners against negligence claims filed by injured crewmembers. “The Merchant Seaman SSRq s Act of 1920,” or as we in the workboat world call it, the   Continued »


other vessel projects hit snags


Acceptance of the first National Security Cutter, the largest ship ever commissioned by the Coast Guard, follows two troubled Deepwater vessel projects. The Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General are investigating Integrated   Continued »




Shippers, tug-and-barge operators and others are losing patience with the antiquated lock-and-dam system on the Upper Ohio and Monongahela rivers. “This is a very serious problem,” said Port of Pittsburgh Commission executive director Jim McCarville. “The locks are very old   Continued »

Most barges on the Upper Ohio River haul coal from the

Coal Fired


To Pittsburgh residents, the spot where the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers meet to form the Ohio River is the “Golden Triangle.” This is the crossroads of some of the nation’s heaviest industry and home to some of the inland waterways’   Continued »


July 2008 - WorkBoat Looks Back


SBlt The 55' × 17' Sumter was christened last month in New Orleans. The Sumter is reportedly the first aluminum tug built in the U.S. and the first aluminum vessel to be certified by the American Bureau of Shipping .   Continued »


July 2008 - WorkBoat Looks Back(2)


SBlt On June 29, the Department of Commerce held a meeting to lay out plans for the allocation of steel to boatbuilders. The building and outfitting of new barges has been hampered for over a year by the supply of   Continued »

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