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The 154x39 Iyanough runs from Hyannis, Mass., to
    Nantucket Island.

On the Ways


Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Duclos Corp., Somerset, Mass., has built 34 high-speed ferries. The most recent to hit the water is the 393-passenger Iyanough. Designed by Incat-Crowther , the 154’ × 39’ × 5’ boat is the largest fast ferry that Gladding-Hearn   Continued »

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California Greening


California is unique, no doubt about it. Some people love it, some people ridicule it, but no one can reasonably deny the state’s significance or its influence. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently described California as a “nation-state.” “We have the   Continued »


Fuel-cell ferry is still on the drawing board


In addition to its low-emissions diesel ferries, WTA has actively pursued a zero-emission ferry powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. At one point, the WTA predicted that it would have a demonstrator fuel-cell ferry running by 2005. At this time,   Continued »


Training mates - Part II


So, how long should it take to train qualified mates who are able to hold down their own watches? Well, that all depends. It depends on how you define “mate” and “qualified,” and on how a particular company operates its   Continued »


Index closes 2006 on an up note


The WorkBoat Composite Index had another good year in 2006. The Index ended the year by gaining over 12 points in December, or just under 1 percent. For the year, the Index rose over 22 percent. That topped 2005 when   Continued »

Bernie Jacobson is a management consultant
    specializing in passenger vessels. He can be reached at
    631-749-4110 or

What are reasonable operating conditions?


Last year, after casualties involving a pontoon water taxi, a state-inspected tour boat and a charter fishing vessel, the Coast Guard “recommended” that certain small passenger vessels should operate “only in reasonable operating conditions.” The interim measures were published in   Continued »


Index Summary


GAINERS % CHANGE Ambassadors International Inc. 12.78 Trailer Bridge Inc. 10.40 Martin Midstream Partners L.P. 6.81 Volvo AB 5.82 Trimble Navigation Ltd. 5.75 LOSERS % CHANGE Helix Energy Solutions Group -14.71 Tidewater Inc. -12.60 Global Industries -8.68 KVH Industries   Continued »


Rates continue to fall


Rates for U.S. Gulf offshore service vessels continued to slide as 2006 came to a close. In December, rates for all but one vessel category were lower. Though 2006 was still a good year for operators in terms of revenue   Continued »


Index Comparisons


Index Comparisons   Continued »


Which was is forward?


Railroad steam locomotives were designed to move in one direction — forward. However, the diesel-electric engines that replaced them could move in both directions. A dilemma soon arose over what defined the forward movement and front of the new diesel   Continued »

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