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Day rates keep climbing


Utilization and day rates for nearly all offshore service vessels increased in July, with large supply vessels posting the biggest gain. Average day rates for supply vessels over 200' increased about $1,500 during July. The highest average day rate reported   Continued »

Kevin Horn is a senior manager with GEC Inc.,
    Delaplane, Va.

The Prince and the Pauper


In Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper,” two boys switch clothes, which sets in motion a case of mistaken identities. The prince, Edward Tudor, is forced to live as a pauper, while Tom Canty assumes the prince’s life of   Continued »

Up to 250 45' RB-Ms will be built at Kvichak and

Medium Well


To see the Coast Guard’s new 45-foot response boat sitting in the water, especially from the stern quarter, is to immediately appreciate its functionality. The platform just above the waterline at the transom has a handrail along its entire back   Continued »

Daniel J. Hoerner is a New Orleans-based maritime
    attorney at Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett LLC. He
    can be reached at 504-595-3000 or

Exxon Valdez award slashed


Nearly 20 years after the Exxon Valdez spilled some 11 million gallons of oil, the litigation lingers on as the courts continue to try to determine what the punitive damages should be. This June, the U.S. Supreme Court provided some   Continued »


Response Boat-Medium Specifications


Builder : Marinette Marine/Kvichak Marine Industries Designer : Camarc Design Owner : U.S. Coast Guard Mission : Search-and-rescue, law enforcement, security Length : 44'10.5" Beam : 14'7.75" Draft (loaded): 3'4" Hull / Superstructure Material : 5083-H116 aluminum plate Main Propulsion   Continued »

Gene McKeever is a marine insurance agent with Allen
    Agency, Camden, Maine. He can be contacted at 800-439-4311 or

Safety doesn't have to cost a bundle


How does a marine business owner or vessel operator establish a culture of safety? By being knowledgeable and fundamentally sound when it comes to safety. There is nothing cutting edge about establishing a culture of safety at your workplace. It   Continued »

David Krapf, Editor

Editor's Watch


The past couple of years have been good ones for the inland tug and barge industry, with strong demand, lofty rates and healthy profits. But this year hasn’t gone quite as smoothly. It began early, with record rainfall in the   Continued »

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Getting Comfy


A barber’s chair, a wooden stool, a car seat, and a piece of wood hinged to the bulkhead. All of these have found their way into wheelhouses as helm chairs. These might work for a while, especially if the   Continued »

Coast Guard crewmembers from a Disaster Area Response
    Team ready a small boat for a patrol through flooded downtown
    Coralville, Iowa, on June 12.

Coast Guard pitches in on the Upper Miss


Their very name made some people wonder what they’re doing in the heartland. But U.S. Coast Guard personnel offered a big helping hand in the floods. “Normally, in these parts, when they see the Coast Guard roll in, they don’t   Continued »

A tow heads upriver just above the Merchants Bridge in
    St. Louis harbor on June 23.

Water Hazard


The epic flood that curtailed business on the Mississippi River system in June and July was simply a culmination of months of water torture. Precipitation throughout the Midwest set a record for the January-June period, the National Oceanic and   Continued »

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