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Staple geometry and construction should be based on
    the line and winch.

Passing Through


Essentially it’s a fairlead, but on tugboats it’s usually called a staple or bullnose. Various configurations include an inverted “U” and an inverted “U” with pins on the sides or crossing through the structure. Then there’s the “A” shape   Continued »


Index up, broad market down


February was another rough month on Wall Street, but not for the WorkBoat Composite Index. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 were both down over 3 percent in February, but the Index was able to eke out a gain of   Continued »


Coming back to barges


When barge lines that move 1,500-ton barge lots loaded with bulk commodities advertise “on-time delivery,” it makes one wonder if shippers will switch from rail back to barges. In the Jan. 17 issue of The Wall Street Journal , there   Continued »


Index Summary


GAINERS %CHANGE Twin Disc Inc. 33.82 Trico Marine Services Inc. 23.15 Gulfmark Offshore 21.14 Ensco International 17.06 Gulf Island Fabrication Inc. 16.59 LOSERS %CHANGE American Commercial Lines Inc. -16.09 U.S. Shipping Partners L.P. -14.54 International Shipholding -10.26 Ambassadors International   Continued »


Offshore goes overseas


The offshore industry could have invented the term globalization. In the past, oil and gas was made up of localized markets. Today, it has become much more global with rates of return and rig availability creating an increasingly fluid,   Continued »


Index Comparisons


Index Comparisons   Continued »


Old barges find new homes south of the border


Globalization has its benefits, especially when combined with a strong market in the U.S. workboat sector. These two factors have created a market for retired vessels from U.S. barge and offshore service companies in Latin America. “They had an immediate   Continued »


Marine insurance warranty violations can void an insurance policy


Many of us are familiar with warranties that pay us for something, like ones that cover HDTVs or cars. In the case of a marine insurance policy, however, a warranty that is violated voids a policy. That means no coverage,   Continued »


State vs. Jones Act law


In a recent decision in Alaska, state law trumped the Jones Act law in a maritime injury claim. On Feb. 6, 2004, Jesse Glover was working for the Alaska Marine Highway System aboard the ferry Tustumena . The ferry’s car   Continued »

This year, an estimated 63 percent of imports arriving
    at West Coast ports will come from China.

Going Global


It might not be obvious, but there’s a direct kinship between Shanghai and Seattle, Mobile and Mombai, and New Orleans and Ningbo. In an era of interconnected economies, globalization and world trade are increasingly influencing the business climate of domestic   Continued »

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Did you know there’s a federal law called the “Seaman’s Protection Act” that is subtitled “Protection of seaman against discrimination”? Author: John K. Fulweiler
September 18, 2014
Port of Seattle, ferries get new leaders
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September 16, 2014
Sleuths explore shipwreck 'graveyard'
In the waters near the Golden Gate Bridge, a pair of maritime detectives is searching for sunken treasure — historic shipwrecks that can give unique insights into America's maritime history. Author: Leslie Taylor
September 16, 2014

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