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The ocean can be a very mean place


I was sitting in my office last month during the first Nor’easter of the season when I received a call from the owner of a fleet of coastal lobster smacks. A smack boat transports live lobster as a cargo and also carries bait, supplies and fuel to fishermen on offshore islands. They are not fishing vessels, but rather coastal cargo vessels.   Continued »


Court reverses seamen’s punitive damages claims


My December 2013 Legal Talk column (“Expansion of punitive damages?”) addressed the significant ruling of a three-judge panel of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in McBride v. Estis Well Service.    Continued »

The enclosed bow creates a dry working compartment forward for the deckhands.

It’s a Breeze


The maritime industry as a whole is conservative to the point of anachronism — we still give a bottle of whiskey to the pilot who brings us safely into port.   Continued »

Blended image shows a photo from launch day combined with a 3-D rendering of the inside structure of the vessel.

LA Rams


In 2011, Aries Marine had just taken delivery of its second 292'×64' Tiger Shark platform supply vessel from Eastern Shipbuilding Group. The company wanted to continue growing its fleet, but, unlike many of his competitors, Aries Marine president Court Ramsay didn’t look to go bigger on his next newbuilds.   Continued »

108' fireboat

December 2014 Boatbuilding Review


December 2014 Boatbuilding Review   Continued »

To date, BP has taken a total cumulative pre-tax charge of $43 billion for the Deepwater Horizon incident and has set aside another $3.5 billion for Clean Water Act penalties.

Top Ten News Stories of 2014


December 2014 Top Ten News Stories of 2014   Continued »


Show time in the Big Easy


After a long 14 months, it is once again time for the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans.    Continued »

With the addition of a second deck in 2007, the 595'x117', 21,000-dwt Banda Sea (below) and Bali Sea can move 115 railcars at an average 12 to 14 knots.

Over the Rail


International Shipholding Corp. (ISH) operates a rather unconventional railroad bridge, one that goes 900 miles across the Gulf of Mexico between Mobile, Ala., and Coatzacoalcos, Mexico.   Continued »

Yank Marine wants to move its 200-ton Marine Travelift to its new Dorchester, N.J., location.

Jersey Sure


The quiet black waters of the Tuckahoe River in southern New Jersey seem worlds away from the deep-sea fishing grounds of the Atlantic Ocean and the metropolitan waterways of the Hudson River.   Continued »


The Coast Guard is part of Homeland Security In the August 2014 Mail Bag “Misguided on lifejackets,” Dennis H. Murphy questioned where Tom Gilmore (writing in the June 2014 Mail Bag) got the idea that the Department of Homeland Security had anything to do with lifejacket enforcement. I am not speaking for Tom, however the U.S. Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security and any mariner certainly knows that they are very involved in “lifejacket enforcement” as well as every other law concerning mariners and the vessels they operate. Capt. Darren S. LaPierre Destin, Fla.   Can we stop this TWIC nonsense now? In the October issue Mail Bag letter from John Smith (“Getting his new TWIC card was a breeze”), he wrote about receiving his TWIC card renewal with only six minutes invested in the process. That’s great and hopefully New York/New Jersey renewal centers will be as good as the service he received in Charleston, S.C. So, being that it’s been perfected, can we stop now? Aside from fitting perfectly in the clear plastic window of my MMD credential billfold, it’s got no other use until pulling it out again to renew. Enough already. Since the renewal process is now so smooth, let’s abandon the TWIC, call it a victory, and just pay more money for our MMD renewal. Capt. Frank Dudis New Jersey Boating College Midland Park, N.J. Enjoyed ATB cover story I am writing to thank you and Technical Editor Bruce Buls for the excellent article on ATBs in the September issue (“A Notch Above”). The wave of new construction for Bouchard, Moran, Crowley, Kirby, Seacor, Reinauer and others has resulted in significant demand for tug-barge coupler systems. We are pleased to be included in those fleet expansion programs, and join many other suppliers and yards in thanking WorkBoat for the coverage of the ATB market. Brian Everist President Intercon   Kansas City, Mo.


December 2014 Mailbag   Continued »

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Seahawks, shipyards and love
“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done/Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung/Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game/It’s easy.”    Author: Bruce Buls
December 18, 2014
Celebrating oil, shrimping and fishing
One of my challenges as publisher of WorkBoat and National Fisherman is reconciling for our audiences the sometimes competing interests of those who harvest fish and those who drill for oil and natural gas in the ocean.  Author: Sound Off
December 18, 2014
Reviving U.S.-Cuba trade, more than cigars
President Obama's announcement that the United States will begin to open trade and diplomatic relations with Cuba is being received as as early Christmas present by the cruise, ferry, cargo vessel and port industries.   Author: Pamela Glass
December 18, 2014
The status of LNG regulatory policies
The Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise projects that liquefied gas carrier arrivals to the U.S. will grow from approximately 1,000 a year to 3,800.  Author: Sound Off
December 16, 2014
Dynamic positioning proposed rule
The USCG has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking concerning dynamic positioning activities on the Outer Continental Shelf. Author: Ken Hocke
December 16, 2014

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