WorkBoat follows the spring 2011 floods

Barge operators expect to take a revenue hit as a result of the high water that is delaying barge traffic in various locations along the Mississippi River system. The full economic fallout won’t be known for some time because it will take weeks for the river system to return to normal. is following the high water as it moves down the Mississippi River towards New Orleans where it was expected to crest at near 17.5 feet. 

A barge tow plies the Mississippi River in New Orleans on May 16, where the river gage registered 16.98 feet, just below the 17 foot flood stage. CREDIT: David Krapf

Here is a wrap-up of what you can find on the site so far:

Corps closes three gates at Morganza Floodway

Traffic reopens in Baton Rouge 

David Krapf talks with EN Bisso about the tug impact 

View a live webcam of the flooding on the Mississippi at New Orleans 

Ken Hocke reports on the floods from the Morgan City waterfront 

Report on sunk barges causing nine-mile closing of the Mississippi 

Watch the U. S. Coast Guard's overflight video of Lower Mississippi flooding 

Pamela Glass discusses how the recent flooding of the Mississippi River calls attention to the inland waterways 

Business as usual at Port of New Orleans 

View WorkBoat editor David Krapf's report on the high water from the New Orleans riverfront  

Morganza Spillway opened for the first time since 1973 

Real time water level of the Mississippi River at New Orleans, Corps of Engineer's dock at river mile 102.8 (Carrollton gage) 

Colonel Ed Fleming of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers discusses the opening of the spillway 

Watch as the Morganza Spillway is opened 

View images from NASA of the Spillway 

Ken Hocke and Dale DuPont look at the impact the floods are likely to have on barge operators' bottom lines 

See footage of barge tow in high-water conditions around Memphis 

New Orleans braces for possible barge-related levee and flood damage 

Floodwaters shutdown Conrad's Louisiana shipyards 

Ken Hocke says the Army Corps has tough decisions to make