Where's the opportunity in Nigeria?

NEW ORLEANS - On the first day of the International WorkBoat Show last week, U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Terrence McCulley stopped by the WorkBoat floor office to talk about why he was leading a delegation of 30 Nigerian businessmen to the show. He expressed the idea that there was ample opportunity for workboat industry members to do business in Nigeria, and that it was a relatively untapped market.

Later in the week, online editor Sam Pfeifle got a chance to catch up with Jude Anyigbo of Baltic Marine Services and Princewill Utchay of Sopetro Drilling to get more information about the Nigerian marketplace. How does the new 2010 ruling requiring Nigerian workers in businesses operating in Nigeria change the stakes and the way to work there? What industries need boats most? How is the oil and gas marketplace opening up? These questions and more are answered in the following video: