Video: Ferry disaster in the Philippines

More than 55 people are missing and 63 people have died after last Friday's collision between a ferry and a cargo ship in Cebu, 350 miles south of Manila, Philippines, ABS-CBN news reported this morning.

On August 16, the ferry St. Thomas Aquinas of 2GO Group crashed into the cargo ship Sulpicio Express 7. For days, divers have been searching for bodies in the ferry, which sank minutes after the crash. A total of 831 people were on board the ferry at the time of the accident. The cargo vessel, which carried 36 crew members, sustained damage but did not sink.

An official statement on the incident from 2GO Group said the ferry had 20,000 liters of diesel fuel and 120,000 liters of crude fuel in the ship's fuel tank and 20,000 liters of lube oil that were being used by the engines when it was running.

Both captains of the passenger ferry and cargo vessel blamed each other for the accident, the Sun Star Cebu reports.