USCG Approves MITAGS ECDIS Update to Latest Revisions of STCW-2010

The Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies has received approval of updates to its Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (MITAGS-179) course that is part of the Advanced Navigation course.

This approval now aligns the course with the latest revisions of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) code as amended in 2010.

“Any applicant who has successfully completes the ECDIS course at MITAGS will now be considered to have successfully demonstrated the competencies of the amended STCW code of 2010,” said Eric Friend, director of training for MITAGS said in an MITAGS press release. “Our Pacific Maritime Institute will be seeking approval for their course as well. MITAGS-PMI has strived to maintain its leadership in maritime training and will continue to remain vigilant about any and all changes to U.S. Coast Guard and International Maritime Organization requirements regarding training under the STCW Convention.”

The U.S. Coast Guard endorsed the ECDIS approval by stating the following on the approval letter received by MITAGS. “The Plan and Conduct a Passage and Determine Position: Thorough Knowledge of and Ability to Use ECDIS of Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code as amended including the amendments: And Determine Position and the Accuracy of the Resultant Position Fix: Position Determination Using ECDIS with Specific Knowledge of its Operating Principles, Limitations, Sources of Error, Detection of Misrepresentation of Information and methods of Correction to Obtain Accurate Position Fixing of Table 1-II/1 of the STCW Code as amended including the 2010 amendments.”

For more information regarding the MITAGS-PMI ECDIS U.S. Coast Guard approval or to find out more about the ECDIS course offerings by MITAGS-PMI, please contact Capt. Bob Becker via phone at (443) 989-3235 or by email at or Gregg Trunnell via phone at (206) 441-7422 or by email at You may also visit the MITAGS-PMI website for ECDIS course dates and other course offerings.