U.S. Patent Office grants DTI patent for innovation in riser tensioner stroke monitoring

The U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent number to Drilling Technological Innovations LLC for the company’s latest advancement in drilling riser tensioners.

“The latest patent in our catalog of more than 20 issued and pending patents promises to move the industry forward relative to riser tensioner stroke monitoring,” says David Trent, president and CEO of the Houston-based designer, manufacturer and provider of offshore oil and gas drilling and production riser tensioner systems, in a company press release. “All prior technologies consisted of considerable flaws that affect accuracy and, ultimately, safety. The patent is proof that we have created a unique and superior way of monitoring the cylinder stroke so that appropriate operator and riser recoil valve responses are made.”

The new technology uses a laser stroke sensor, mounted to the DTI direct-acting tensioner cylinder, to accurately and continually monitor how far out the cylinder’s stroke is at any given time. Without real measurement of the cylinder, the actual stroke position may be unknown, which can lead to considerable damage to the riser system or wellhead.

“We have run a multitude of tests, as is standard for DTI, on the laser stroke sensor in order to ensure its exactness in identifying stroke position. Proper scenarios were simulated in consideration of various and typical events within the offshore environment. In every test, the laser stroke sensor proved to be precise,” Trent says.

The company says its laser stroke monitoring system advances the performance and sustains the safety of DTI’s direct-acting drilling riser tensioners.