SeaSense Introducing Solid-State Sensing Bilge Switch

Marine accessories manufacturer SeaSense says its new Solid-State Sensing Bilge Switch is designed to eliminate the usual problems associated with old-style float switches. It can convert any manual bilge pump to automatic, the company says, and works in fresh and salt water.

A new sensor activates automatically when water reaches the switch’s installed height in the bilge. There are no moving parts. SeaSense says the switch works even through oil and stray electric current. It conserves energy by running only when needed, the Bonita Springs, Fla.-based company says, while similar units use an intermittent pulse that can run down batteries.

When the water level reaches the preset level, the switch senses the water and turns on the attached bilge pump (not included). When the level drops, the switch turns off the pump.

The totally waterproof unit is enclosed in an easily mounted, small, durable housing, SeaSense says. A waterproof fuse holder and 7.5-amp fuse also are included.

The SeaSense Solid-State Sensing Bilge Switch also comes with Unified Marine’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. The limited warranty for each product (excluding boat covers and boat seats) lasts for the stated number of years listed with each, which is the life span of the specific product, starting from the date of purchase.