Seakeeper, making inroads into the highly competitive Japanese market, has appointed Crossborder its new sales agent in Japan. Crossborder has already sold four Seakeeper gyro stabilization systems to Urata Shipyard.

Tokyo-based Crossborder was established in 1997 to import boats and retrofit equipment. “With a domestic manufacturer here in Japan, the concept of gyros on pleasure boats is growing,” sales representative Terry Suzuki says in a Seekeeper press release, But, after a number of Japanese boatbuilders experienced Seakeeper’s demo boat, Suzuki said, “they were impressed with Seakeeper, they simply thought it was better. It didn’t take long for word to spread. I am very happy to introduce this fine product to Japan.”

Shu Yamaguchi with Crossborder will provide installation and maintenance services, Seakeeper says. He grew up around boats and has more than 16 years of marine service and custom manufacturing experience.

Urata Shipyard builds custom recreational and commercial fishing craft from 33 to 66 feet, with some models topping out at over 50 knots. The first Seakeeper gyro will stabilize a 66-foot sportfisher, to be used in seas that easily reach 15 to 20 feet in the winter.