Seakeeper M26000 gyro designed to reduce roll by 80 percent on vessels up to 100 feet long

Building on the technology and success of its M21000 gyro, Seakeeper announces it is introducing the M26000 gyro. It boasts 25 percent more righting force within the same installation footprint, the California, Md.-based company says, and is rated for use in vessels up to 110 tons displacement.

Especially suited for megayachts, commercial craft and high-end sportfishers, the new Seakeeper M26000 gyro spins at 5,000 rpm inside a vacuum. It delivers superior stabilization while requiring only a low 3 kW of electrical power. The new compact model measures  50" L x 55" W x 37" H and weighs 2,950 pounds. Other advancements include updated gyro precession control software and an upgraded hydraulic damping system.

“Pre-orders for the new M26000 already exceed 2011 orders for the previous model,” says John Kermet, Seakeeper vice president of sales and marketing, in a Seakeeper press release. “Builders and owners are right in step with our technology advancements. Everyone wants to deliver a safer, more comfortable experience on the water.”

The Seakeeper M26000 is designed to achieve up to 80 percent roll reduction and is typically suited for vessels up to 100 feet long. Multiple units can be fitted for larger craft. The Seakeeper gyro virtually eliminates boat roll while underway or at anchor, without drag-producing, damage-prone appendages. It doesn’t require through-hull cutting for installation, and can be mounted off-centerline if necessary.