Perko Says Its New Rugged Searchlights Are Spot On

Perko says its  XR series Xenon Searchlights and Solar-Ray Searchlights, designed to meet the needs of workboats, emergency vessels and military craft that operate in rough conditions, offer superior light output and heavy-duty construction.

Xenon-filled lamps in Perko's XR series are designed to produce an extremely far-reaching, narrow beam of intensely bright white light. The 15-inch short arc Xenon XR operates continuously at 500W to produce 35 million candlepower over 3 nautical miles. The 19-inch XR operates at 1,600W to provide over 100 million candlepower up to 5.5 miles.

With marine-grade aluminum housing, yoke and base, the lights are completely sealed and waterproof. Timkin ball bearings allow for frictionless 380° rotation. Integrally cast cooling fans prevent bulb overheating and an optional heater system is available when operating in icy conditions.

Multiple control devices are available.  The remote electric panel features a joystick control with a variable speed function for both horizontal and vertical positioning.  Other options include a lever/gear and distant electric control.

For customer convenience, all XR series components are available as spare parts, the Miami-based manufacturer of marine lights, hardware and other accessories says. To inexpensively upgrade or repair an older unit in the field, power supplies can be traded in for credit on factory-rebuilt units. Ordering information is in the operator's manual.

The 19-inch Solar-Ray Searchlight is made to take a beating with a reinforced aluminum body, heavy-duty castings and shock-resistant reflector. For added strength, the ribbed yoke mounting is fixed to an extra-large cast aluminum base. The white Perko-Kote finish resists chipping and scratches, Perko says, and may be painted to match a vessel's color.

A choice of traditional incandescent or brighter quartz-halogen bulbs run on 32V, 120V or 230V. Light output ranges from 500-2,000W, producing 2 to 5.8 million candlepower.  Light is projected up to 2 nautical miles.

Maximum light output is achieved with halo deflectors and parabolic glass mirror reflectors. The housing is vented to prolong bulb life, Perko says, and quick-release mechanisms on the door allows for easy bulb replacement.

A variety of bases and controls are available, including deck, wheel, distant electric and lever/gear. The base has floating stops for 400-degree rotation.