PEC/Premier adds SEMS awareness to SafeGulf training

Safety and Environmental Management System awareness training is now available as a part of the SafeGulf offshore safety orientation program, according to PEC/Premier Safety Management Inc

On Jan. 1, PEC/Premier added a SEMS module to its one-day Basic Safety Orientation and its three-day Core Compliance safety training course, meaning that both will now meet the new SafeGulf requirements. The company is also offering stand-alone SEMS training for offshore workers who already have their SafeGulf cards.

The U.S. government is now requiring oil and gas companies to implement SEMS plans for their offshore facilities. As a part of that requirement, contractor personnel who work offshore must have basic safety training before they go to work offshore.

Most oil and gas companies require or recommend that contractors meet the federal requirement by putting their employees through SafeGulf orientation. Earlier this fall, the governing board for SafeGulf added SEMS training as a new element of SafeGulf. That means that workers who go through SafeGulf for the first time must be taught about SEMS as a part of that training.

In order to meet the new SafeGulf requirement, Mandeville, La.-based PEC/Premier says it has updated both its one-day Basic Safety Orientation course and three-day Core Compliance course to include the necessary SEMS topics. This will allow new students to take either Basic or Core and receive their PEC SafeGulf card with a SEMS endorsement, PEC/Premier says. 

PEC/Premier says it offers its training through a network of more than 1,000 approved instructors located all over the United States. The PEC/Premier system ensures that those instructors are qualified to teach, the company says, by making sure they have the necessary background, have gone through a train-the-trainer course and are routinely audited, all of which fit the SEMS requirement that instructors be qualified to teach required courses.

Additionally, many companies are looking for ways to provide SEMS training to their existing employees who have already taken SafeGulf. To fill that need, PEC/Premier says it has partnered with Moxie Media to develop a training module that focuses on SEMS. This training is available as either on-line Computer-Based Training or as a DVD with a special test option to ensure that the training can be verified and audited if necessary.

This program has rapidly become the most-used industry SEMS training, according to PEC/Premier, in part because the company is able to link SEMS training with PEC SafeGulf records, allowing personnel who have already gone through PEC SafeGulf to receive the SEMS training without repeating the full SafeGulf training.

For assistance in finding an approved Basic or Core instructor or to order the SEMS training CBT or DVD, contact PEC/Premier’s customer support center at 800.892.8179 or by email at