Ohio marinas purchase Marine Travelift Mariner Forklifts

Two Ohio marinas have purchased new Marine Travelift Mariner Forklifts from Interstate Lift Truck, an established Marine Travelift dealer for 20 years.

The sales, Marine Travelift says, are a positive indication that the marina economy is growing from its 2008 economic decline. Since then, the company says, vessels have continued to develop in size and weight, and Foxhaven Marina and Whiskey Island Marina remain invested in the future of the industry. 

Rack storage has been a primary source of revenue for Foxhaven Marina since 1973. So when the company’s lift truck needed to be replaced, the marina searched for a high-quality forklift to endure the everyday physical demands of a marina environment. After doing some product research, Foxhaven Marina purchased a new Marine Travelift Mariner Forklift M1500.

“It was a necessity — our old lift truck was wearing out and we knew we needed to invest in a quality product. So we chose Marine Travelift,” says Todd Jagucki, vice president of marina operations, in a Marine Travelift press release.

Located on the southern shores of Lake Erie in Port Clinton, Ohio, Foxhaven offers a variety of amenities, including over 670 docks up to 70-feet, 250,000 sq. ft. inside storage, a 20-ton hoist, in and out rack storage, a fuel dock, maintenance and mechanical boat repair, and pump out services.

The marina utilizes its indoor rack storage to protect vessels from weather and extreme temperatures.

“We can accommodate about 350 boats for winter storage and winterize around 525 boats per season,” Jagucki says. 

Jagucki collaborated with Marine Travelift engineers to find the best fit for the marina.

“Because our buildings were already built, our biggest problem was finding a lift truck that could work within the dimensions we had,” he says. “Marine Travelift was very helpful in providing us drawings and sketches that showed us our maximum length of boat loaded on the forklift and the abilities of the forklift turning in our building.”

The Mariner Forklift M1500 is primarily used to lift smaller (under 25 feet) cuddy cabin type boats, personal watercraft and small jet boats. The extra-wide stance provides improved stability during high lifts and the shorter wheelbase allows for greater maneuverability inside storage buildings, Marine Travelift says.

“We have the benefit of not only selling the best equipment for the marine industry — Marine Travelift — but also providing great parts and service support for customers after a sale,” says John Styrcula, Interstate Lift Truck sales, parts and service manager, in the press release.

Foxhaven Marina sees new opportunities since purchasing the Marine Travelift Mariner Forklift M1500.

“Since buying and using the forklift we have recognized the potential of lifting heavier boats that we weren’t able to do before,” Jagucki says.

Whiskey Island Marina, located on Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, also invested in a new Marine Travelift forklift from Interstate Lift Truck. The Marine Travelift Mariner M2500 is capable of lifting 25,000 pounds.

“We needed the capacity of the Marine Travelift Mariner Forklift M2500 for the boats we handle and a machine that could operate in our aisle space,” says Tim Poole, Whiskey Island’s general manager, in the press release.

Whiskey Island Marina lifts powerboats and sailboats of all sizes and has seen an increase in business since purchasing the forklift.

“Business has been good,” Poole says, “but more importantly we can now handle larger vessels safely and quickly, while maximizing our yard storage.”

Poole says he is very satisfied with the marina’s purchase.

“We bought the Marine Travelift Mariner Forklift M2500 because of Marine Travelift’s quality reputation and Interstate Lift Truck’s superior service,” he says. “They were very helpful in showing us the correct machine for our application, along with the complete Marine Travelift product line that is offered for any future needs.”