OceanView Night-Vision Cameras now on Zyvex Boats

Zyvex Marine selected OceanView Technologies' Zeus Night-Vision Camera for use in its product portfolio of nano-composite vessels.  This is the first OceanView product chosen by the boatbuilder.

"We are excited about the new future of lightweight vessels that take advantage of the latest in materials and systems technology," says Mike Nemeth, director of commercial and defense applications at Zyvex in an Oceanview press release.

"The extreme nature of this vessel and its 24/7 surveillance characteristics underscore the quality and reliability of OceanView cameras," adds Mike Bader OceanView CEO.  "We are pleased to be part of this project and others like it in the future."

The Zeus Camera has 2-axis, fiber-optic stabilization.  This system takes thermal imaging to the apex of night vision capabilities.  The Zeus also includes object tracking, enabling it to lock on another vessel, a man overboard, aircraft, debris or a buoy and keep that object in the center of the picture.  HD is an available option for the Zeus camera. 

Seattle-based Zyvex Marine, a division of Zyvex Technologies, says it is building the next generation of vessel platforms.  Zyvex offers lightweight carbon nano-composite vessels in both manned and unmanned configurations.  Zyvex developed the first nano-composite vessel, a 54' unmanned surface vessel prototype that the company says set new standards for an unmanned vessel in the areas of range, speed, sea keeping and payload.