New literature details tension control device for barge spotting

A new 2-page, full color brochure available from Force Control Industries details the Posidyne Clutch Brake for barge spotting applications.

FCI says it’s a unique product providing smooth tension control in both directions — eliminating harsh stopping/starting that can damage cables and fittings. Tension can be easily adjusted for upriver or downriver conditions, and an internal holding brake holds loads in position for long periods of time.

Oil shear clutch brakes allow the use of standard motors rather than special motors or VFD units for further cost control and simplicity. Totally enclosed Posidyne Clutch Brakes are impervious to the elements, the Fairfiled, Ohio-based company says, and require no adjustment, maintenance or disc replacement. According to FCI, they are ideal for hazardous or explosive environments like chemical or fuel filling, coal or grain loading, and other barge loading or unloading applications.