New EZ BoatPort drive-on, drive-off lift designed to handle boats up to 5,000 pounds

EZ Dock, the Monett, Mo.-based manufacturer of durable, polyethylene floating dock systems and lifts, introduces EZ BoatPort, a new drive-on, drive-off lift for vessels up to 5,000 pounds.

“With EZ BoatPort, we took the proven designs of the drive-on PWC and boat lifts we pioneered, and we carried them to the next level. We can now lift boats up to 5,000 pounds or about 25 feet in length,” says Curtis Downs, EZ Dock’s general manager, in a company press release. “In addition, our removable and changeable bunks can accommodate boats with a deadrise angle from zero to 21 degrees, making EZ BoatPort ideal for many skiffs, runabouts, fishing boats and jet boats.”

The EZ BoatPort is designed to eliminate the issues caused by wet storage, the company says. Virtually maintenance-free and self-floating, it can move with changing water levels and can even be used in as little as two feet of water, EZ Dock says. And whether you have an EZ Dock, a traditional floating dock, or a fixed dock, the company notes, EZ BoatPort’s modular design allows for numerous configurations and the addition of many features to fit a variety of situations and uses.

Owners of larger craft can add side extensions for more walk-around room and lifting capacity as well as additional rollers to help the boat slide on and off easier. A patent-pending float tank with air-assist pump options is available to enhance floatation.

The air-assist pumps are available with manual controls for AC-powered or DC-powered solar charged units. A remote controlled AC-powered unit is also available. All pump units provide hassle-free operation with an approximate lift time of 30 to 60 seconds.

“Coming in from a day on the water, all you have to do is idle up, ease into the power, and roll onto the lift. Then just engage the air-assist, turn off the motor and tie up. Ample room on three sides lets you unload the boat, wash it down and put the cover on,” Downs says. “Backing off the lift is easy too. Simply disengage the air-assist and the boat will dip back into the water. The weight of the motor pulls it off easily.”