New Aveva Electrical offers marine market up to 30 percent man-hour savings

Aveva has released its new Aveva Electrical software application, which the company says is a feature-rich design solution for electrical engineers and designers in the marine environment. 

Pre-release customer testing has demonstrated man-hour savings of up to 30 percent when compared to traditional design applications, Aveva says. As part of Aveva’s Integrated Shipbuilding strategy, the company says, customers that deploy the new Aveva Electrical can benefit from the ability to optimize their entire shipyard by improving the design, planning and production process.

“Aveva Electrical is very quick and easy to deploy, both on new projects and also on refit projects where access to legacy data is essential,” says Bruce Douglas, Aveva’s senior VP, marketing and product strategy, in a company press release. “We have worked with numerous marine customers to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of electrical data from design to commissioning. This product enables electrical engineers to collaborate fully across inter-discipline design to produce automated deliverables which are completely consistent and accurate. With its advanced graphical user interface and sophisticated design rules, we believe Aveva Electrical will quickly become the preferred choice for all sizes of marine projects.”

“Used as part Aveva’s Integrated Shipbuilding strategy customers can benefit from a total solution that delivers the right information, right resource and right material at the right time in the production process,” adds Dave Wheeldon, with Aveva’s Chief Technology Office. “The Integrated Shipbuilding strategy enables effective information sharing and workflow management from initial order enquiry to final commissioning. This strategy incorporates all of the Aveva Marine portfolio solutions such as, Outfitting and Engineering, as well as Aveva Enterprise Resource Management and Aveva Net. Customers ultimately achieve greater benefits from the most complete integrated solution, improving shipyard production efficiency and reducing cost.”