Hobart Brothers introduces the Hobart® FabCO® 712M, a new welding wire designed to improve weld quality, particularly on offshore drilling rig applications and jack-up rig fabrication.

The Hobart® FabCO® 712M, a gas-shielded flux-cored wire, features less than 4 ml of diffusible hydrogen per 100 g of weldment. That decreases the chance of underbead cracking and can lessen the amount of preheating needed, the company says. The wire also has a very low moisture pickup, Hobart Brothers says, so there is less chance of hydrogen entering the weld after exposure to the atmosphere.

FabCO 712M wire features a fast-freezing, easily removable slag that makes it suitable for all-position welding and minimizes interpass and post-weld cleaning, the Troy, Ohio-based manufacturer of welding filler metals says. The wire also offers low-temperature Charpy V-Notch (CVN) impact strengths (-40 to -75 degrees Fahrenheit, -40 to -60 degrees Celsius), which Hobart Brothers says results in superior mechanical toughness properties in both the “as-welded” and post-weld heat-treat conditions. FabCO wire provides a tensile strength of 83 ksi in the as-welded condition and 80 ksi after PWHT.

Hobart Brothers recommends using a shielding gas mixture of 75 to 80 percent argon with a balance of CO2­ with FabCO wire, and offers it in 0.045- and 0.052-inch diameters on 33-pound spools.