Germanischer Lloyd gives Corsair TVR v.2 Type-Approval

German-based Classification society Germanischer Lloyd has granted Baker, Lyman & Co. Type-Approval for its Towing Vessel Record software, Corsair TVR v.2. 

Baker Lyman says the software Type-Approval by Germanischer Lloyd solidifies Corsair TVR v.2’s position as the exclusive regulatorily defined record-keeping process for Sub-Chapter M. Moreover, Baker Lyman says, it tightens the company’s grip on the impending Sub-Chapter M market in conjunction with their TSMS Transition Program.

Germanischer Lloyd (USA) vice president, Ryan Bishop, says that GL's status as a USCG approved Recognized Organization is a distinct advantage in the Type-Approval process.

“GL and our sister company, GL Noble Denton, remain global leaders in Certification and Validation of marine products, designs, and systems. This expertise is enhanced given GL's longstanding relationship with USCG,” Bishop said in a company press release. “One of our many delegated USCG authorities allows us to certify Safety Management Systems on behalf of the Coast Guard. Our Type-Approval of Corsair confirms that the software meets the 33 CFR Part 96 Standards for Planned Maintenance Systems, record-keeping requirements for statutory Safety Management Systems, and proposed Sub-Chapter M record-keeping requirements.”

According to Corinne Titus, Baker Lyman's CEO, part of the Type-Approval vetting was a lengthy technical review of each system feature within Corsair TVR v.2. 

“Every component of Corsair was tested for performance and found to be compliant with the applicable USCG standards and requirements,” Titus said. “Although Corsair is extremely easy to operate the internals of the system are quite complex. Unlike other marine software solutions, Corsair is fully integrated.

“Corsair is not marketed on a modular basis but as a compact, lean enterprise software,” Titus continued. “Because Corsair wraps Sub-M Safety Assessments, Sub-M Navigation Assessments, Sub-M Planned Maintenance, Sub-M Document Control, VGP, Auto-Logging, and many other features into a single module, Baker Lyman has been able to offer the software at a discount far below comparable marine software solutions.”

Rocky Marchiano, Baker Lyman's director of maritime compliance, said the Corsair TVR v.2 Type-Approval will likely be a major contributing factor to record-keeping standardization in the towing industry.

“Sub-M operators who see that a Towing Vessel Record will assist them in streamlining their record-keeping and, more importantly, in meeting USCG requirements will be in front of the curve. There are less then a dozen towboat specific software solutions on the market. Corsair is the only Towing Vessel Record software of the lot. Corsair is also the only Type-Approved towboat specific software solution in the United States. These circumstances create a positive environment for industry record-keeping standardization lead by Baker Lyman's resources and expertise,” Marchiano said.

According to Baker Lyman, the TSMS Strategic Alliance, of which Baker Lyman, Germanischer Lloyd (USA), and TBS are partners, has been making steady headway towards standardized TSMS implementation process through the TSMS Transition Program.