Enclosed CM500 AC-DC switcher designed for extreme environment

Aiming to meet customer demand for higher power output and greater reliability in a compact, lightweight unit designed to handle harsh environmental conditions, Abbott Technologies has added a new 500-watt AC-DC model, the CM500, to its power supply product line.

The Sun Valley, Calif.-based designer and manufacturer of power conversion products says the CM500 is fully sealed to meet IP65/67 standards, and can handle humidity to 100 percent, making them ideal for shipboard applications.

Abbott CM500 high-reliability power supplies can be specified with single-phase inputs ranging from 95 to 260 VAC at line frequencies from 47 to 880 Hz. All input sections include built-in power factor correction, meet MIL-STD-1399 Section 300 requirements for spike voltage testing and provide line regulation of plus or minus 1 percent.

Output voltage can be specified from 12 to 48 VDC, and achieve load regulation of plus or minus 1 percent from no load to full load. Operating temperature range is -40C to 80C base plate with no power derating, while ripple and noise are less than 2 percent peak-to-peak over a 20MHz bandwidth. Efficiency is better than 85 percent, Abbot Technologies says.

Other CM500 features include short circuit protection with current limiting, in-rush current limiting, remote error sensing, and built-in test. Electromagnetic compatibility meets the CE101 and CE102 requirements of MIL-STD-461D. All versions meet MIL-S-901 shock specifications and MIL-STD-167 vibration specs. Nominal size is 3.5 x 6.6 x 1.25 inches and weight is less than 5 pounds.