EcoMarine Propulsion receives ABS certification for TeraTorq modules

EcoMarine Propulsion Corp. announces it has been awarded a Certificate of Product Design Assessment (certificate number 12-HS881347-PDA) from the American Bureau of Shipping for use of the newest version of the TeraTorq Inverter Module (TIM-270) and the TeraTorq Frame Module (TFM 521) within EcoMarine Propulsion's PowerRing Diesel Electric and Hybrid Propulsion System.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, TIM-270s are powerful and flexible modules that provide AC/DC, DC/AC, and DC/DC conversions, depending upon the function of a particular circuit, the Milford, Mass.-based company says.  Individual water cooled TIMs are lightweight and small (9" x 9" x 24", 120 pounds). Each TIM-270 is designed to provide up to 200kW of power management.  As many as 64 TIMs can be networked to process up to 13MW of power within a single circuit.

The latest version of the TIM-270, with production shipments having started in August, is a key component of EcoMarine Propulsion’s PowerRing System, that leverages TeraTorq permanent magnet generators for variable speed generation, which enables reductions in fuel consumption and reductions in emissions, both of which are critical today and will become more critical as U.S. EPA Tier 4 and other regulatory requirements around the globe go into effect, EcoMarine says.  The PowerRing also utilizes sealed, water cooled TeraTorq PM motors for propulsion, thrusters, and other variable speed applications aboard a ship.

A TFM-521 is a rack that holds up to four TIM-270 modules. Multiple TFMs will be packaged into a line-up providing the total power needed for a ship’s system, EcoMarine says. Because TIMs are smart and offer true plug-and-play capability, crew members can safely change a TIM-270 anywhere in the world due to the safe, blind-mate connections within a TFM, the company says. This design feature, coupled with the TIM-270’s built-in support for network architecture redundancy, provides a unique level of added safety for all vessels as a TIM-270, if required, can be moved from one slot within a TFM into any other TFM slot on a ship, and will automatically start to perform the required function of that particular TFM slot, EcoMarine says.

As part of its unique services, which include starting with a customized design and ending with a completely warrantied power system, EcoMarine Propulsion Corp. says it provides PowerRing clients with documentation, design reviews, and surveys for the specific configuration of motors, generators, TIM-270s and all other electronics which are used within each client's propulsion system.