Danfoss pressure and temperature controls play role in U.S. shale gas extraction

Danfoss says its pressure and temperature controls, already used in Southeastern United States oil and gas fields, are also being used in U.S. shale gas extraction operations.

Recent breakthroughs in drilling technology have created a gas boom in the shale-rich areas  in the northern and eastern parts of the country. Danfoss says its pressure and temperature controls are helping extract the gas trapped in shale deposits via the high-pressure process known as ‘fracking’. The company’s components are used to help control processes in the well stimulation equipment, Danfoss says.

Designed for harsh industrial environments, a range of MBS pressure transmitters are used to control the pump intake, lube oil and filter pressure on the fracking trucks, as well as the pump suction and discharge lines of the blender trucks and hydrators, the company says. Danfoss’ MBT temperature sensors also monitor the hydraulic reservoir on the blender and fracking trucks, as well as the lube oil and radiator temperature.