Caterpillar Marine Power Systems says Harley Marine Services is participating in a field follow study of the Cat 3500 United States EPA Tier 3 compliant marine propulsion engines scheduled for completion in summer 2012.

Two Cat 3512C HD engines are installed on the John Quigg, a 4,500-hp tractor tugboat positioned in Los Angeles Harbor, California. Each 3512C HD engine provides 1,678 bkw (2,250 bhp) at 1,800 rpm. By installing the 3500 Tier 3 engines, Cat says, the John Quigg will reduce NOx emissions while operating in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Since the engines were installed in late 2011, Caterpillar says, the John Quigg’s 3512C Tier 3 engines have operated smoothly without any disruption to service. 

“We are happy with the performance thus far, and the partnership with Caterpillar Marine Power Systems has been superb,” says Doug Houghton, Harley Marine Services general manager, in a Caterpillar press release.  “Our local engineering team has adapted to the new engines and has been happy with the results.”

In January 2012, the Cat 3500C marine engines entered full production meeting United States EPA Tier 3 regulations. Cat 3500C Tier 3 compliant offerings include propulsion, auxiliary and diesel electric propulsion (DEP) engines. All Cat 3500C offerings will not require after treatment modules to meet Tier 3 regulations as a result of incorporating innovative fuel and air system modifications into the design of the engines, Caterpillar says.

The 3512C Tier 3 is a V-12 cylinder engine with a 170 millimeter bore by 215 millimeter stroke and 58.6 liter displacement. The 3516C Tier 3 is a V-16 cylinder with a 170 millimeter bore by 215 millimeter stroke and 78.08 liter displacement. Both engine series include a broad spectrum of 1,600 and 1,800 rpm options with power ratings ranging between 1,000 and 2,525 bkw designed for various applications and duty cycles with added design enhancements to increase durability, Caterpillar says. 

 “Harley Marine Services is a respected industry leader in the marine transportation industry and we’re pleased they are partnering with Caterpillar to deliver more sustainable solutions to customers,” says Grant Hughes, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems sales manager.