Boatracs VMS approved for Atlantic highly migratory species fisheries

Boatracs Inc., a San Diego-based provider of integrated communications and software solutions to the maritime industry, has received type approval from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for its enhanced Vessel Monitoring System to be used by Atlantic highly migratory species permit holders in the Gulf of Mexico.

Recent updates to the National Marine Fisheries Service rules require an increased number of HMS commercial fishermen to install and operate enhanced communications systems for position reporting as well as communicating gear onboard and target species. The type approval of Boatracs’ Fishing Mobile Communication Terminal GPS (FMCTG) for this fishery gives Gulf of Mexico fishermen a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to efficiently manage their boats while staying compliant, the company says.

“The Boatracs FMCTG was one of the first VMS systems approved by NOAA, and we have developed an excellent working relationship with both the government and industry over the past two decades,” said Irwin Rodrigues, president and CEO of Boatracs in a company press release.  “We are pleased to have the ongoing confidence of NOAA in our VMS solutions, and we are committed to delivering value to the fishermen.”

In addition to the VMS solution, fishermen have the option to sign up for Boatracs new web-based mapping and messaging software, Boatracs BTConnect™, which enables boat owners to track and message their vessels from any internet connected device including mobile phones, tablets and PCs.