In close cooperation with AIDA Cruises, and partners SCHRAMM group GmbH & Co. KG, Ingo Schlüter GmbH & Co. KG, EON Hanse Wärme GmbH, Bureau Veritas as well as Gasnor AS, Becker Marine Systems has developed the LNG Hybrid Barge, which the company says isan environmentally-friendly and low emission solution for supplying power to cruise ships lying in port.

Currently, cruise ships lying in port generate the energy required for on-board operation by using the ships’ on-board diesel engines. The use of these engines, Becker Marine Systems says, results in a high level of pollution containing harmful and airborne substances in the form of soot particles.

The new concept solves this problem by producing energy on the floating LNG Hybrid Barge from environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas by means of five generators coupled to combined heat and power engines, Becker Marine Systems says. The power generated can be fed into the supply grid of the cruise ship as needed. The liquefied natural gas is delivered in modular form, because this is less expensive than bunkering. An LNG Bunker Station, ensuring supply at all times, is being built in Brunsbüttel, Germany, by SCHRAMM group GmbH & Co. KG.  Schramm group will also be the operator of the LNG Hybrid Barge at the Hamburg port.

The use of the LNG Hybrid Barge will significantly reduce particle emissions during port sojourns, says Becker Marine Systems, the Hamburg, Germany-based manufacturer of high performance rudders and maneuvering solutions for any type of ship. In contrast to the diesel engines currently in use, the company says, sulphur oxides will no longer be produced during port layovers. The emission of nitrogen oxides will be lowered by up to 80 percent and the output of carbon dioxide by an additional 30 percent.

Another benefit, the company says, is the year-round utilization of the system. The Hamburg energy provider, EON Hanse Wärme GmbH, is planning to feed the energy produced in the cruise off-season into the municipal grid, thus supplying electricity and heat to approximately 11,000 households (based on four-person households).

In autumn 2013 the AIDAsol should be the first cruise ship in the world to be supplied with electricity by Becker Marine Systems’ LNG Hybrid Barge at Hamburg’s HafenCity.