Barge bump causes oil spill near Baton Rouge

NEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard reports it has responded to an oil discharge on the Mississippi River near the Interstate 10 bridge in Baton Rouge, Monday.

Two barges were at a transfer station near the bridge on the Mississippi River, discharging fuel, when a third barge struck one of the stationary barges, knocking a transfer connection hose loose and into the water. 

Operations were quickly secured following the incident and Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Baton Rouge, along with members from OMI Environmental Services and Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office, were on scene to respond, the Coast Guard reported.

Blessey Marine Services has assumed responsibility for the spill and has contracted OMI Environmental Solutions as the oil spill response organization. Sixteen-hundred feet of 18-inch hard boom have been deployed to contain the spill.

Pollution investigators from Marine Safety Baton Rouge conducted an overflight and shoreline assessments on Friday morning.

“The U.S. Coast Guard is actively working with the responsible party and the oil spill response organization to identify and clean up any affected areas,” said Cmdr. Quincy Davis, commanding officer of MSU Baton Rouge, in a statement. “Federal, state, local agencies are collaborating to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

No injuries were reported and the cause of the incident is still unkown.

The Mississippi remains open. However, it is advised that all vessels transiting the area reduce their speed near the site.