American Victory leaves dry dock with new paint job

TAMPA, Fla. - Following a week of scraping, welding, painting and restoration in dry dock at Gulf Marine Repair, the American Victory Ship headed home to her berth last week and reopened for visitors, who take tours and participate in special entertainment events, according to a press release.

The historic 1945 WWII ship, one of only four fully operational WWII ships in the country, has been at Gulf Marine Repair's floating dry dock, Scotia. This $220,000 venture was successful thanks to the American Victory Ship's Dry Dock Committee spearheaded by Aaron Hendry, CEO of Gulf Marine Repair and Hendry Corp., according to the release. The ship now boasts what the committee called an "impressive camouflage dazzle paint effect reflective of WWI and WWII ships of the past."

Drydocking is a requirement of the U.S. Coast Guard in order for the vessel to return to its Relive History Cruises in 2012. Now that drydocking is complete, officials will announce a Relive History Cruise date shortly.

The Tampa Bay Times has put up a slide show of the newly painted vessel here.