3M introduces Cubitron II Bonded Abrasive Grinding and Cut-Off Wheels

3M Abrasive Systems introduces 3M™ Cubitron™ II Bonded Abrasive Grinding and Cut-Off Wheels, a revolutionary new technology that 3M says reinvents the grinding process.

With Cubitron II abrasives, 3M says, users get precision-shaped grain technology that cuts faster, stays sharper longer, and requires less pressure than conventional grinding and cut-off wheels. In addition, 3M says, the abrasives can help reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

“This technology is the most important change in abrasives in the last 20 years,” said Dan Cunningham, director sales and marketing, 3M Abrasive Systems. “We’ve utilized 3M’s core technology platforms to create products that enable customers to produce more each day, while also helping reduce the impact on their workers.”

Conventional ceramic abrasive grains are irregular in shape, and work by “plowing” through metal, which can cause heat buildup, slower cutting and shorter life. But the precision-shaped grains in Cubitron II grinding wheels continuously fracture to form sharp points and edges. This technology, 3M says, helps Cubitron II abrasives slice cleaner and faster, stay cooler, and last longer than conventional wheels.

Cubitron II abrasives offer performance that 3M says dramatically surpasses that of traditional grinding wheels made with aluminum oxide, alumina zirconia or ceramic grain.

With the advantages of 3M’s technology, operators are subjected to less wear and tear, and can remove more material with the same amount of effort.

3M has created a tribute video to grinder operators, “Grindstone Cowboy,” which can be seen at www.3mcubitron2.com/rocks or www.youtube.com/3Mabrasives 

“Operators have a tough job, so it’s our hope that 3M’s new Cubitron II bonded abrasives can make it easier on them, while still performing exceptionally on the shop floor,” Cunningham said.