Hornblower Hybrid

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Hornblower Hybrid - Delivery Date: October 2008

Hornblower HybridBuilder: Bayside    BoatworksDesigner: Tri-kat Marine Inc.; Hornblower    Cruises & EventsOwner: Hornblower Cruises &    EventsLength: 64'Beam: 30'Draft:    5'8"Main Propulsion: (2) MTU Series 60 with (2)    Marathon 320-kw generatorPropulsion Motor: (2)    Reliance 3-phase AC induction, 350 hp @ 1,100    rpmPropeller: (2) 33"x30", 4-bladedSpeed: 10    knotsHull Construction:    AluminumPassenger/Crew Capacity:    149/6Delivery Date: October 2008

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