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Bruce Buls Buls Eye - Reflections on the Costa Concordia and Sewol RSS


Maritime disasters on opposite sides of the world were in the news this week. See Archives »

Capt. Alan Bernstein Captain’s Table - Coast Guard inspectors need to be more consistent RSS


Historically, U.S. flag passenger vessel operators and Coast Guard inspectors have benefited from each other’s experience and provided important checks and balances that underscore safety.While... See Archives »

Dale DuPont Current Affairs - Floating on air RSS


Air bellow systems that cut vibrations on a floating deckhouse are among the creature comforts inland operators are adding to towboats. See Archives »

Leslie Taylor Dock Talk - Costa Concordia floats again RSS


It's been two-and-a-half years since the Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground near the island of Giglio off the coast of Italy. But this week, after $1 billion in salvage costs, the vessel has... See Archives »

Dr. William J. Pike Energy Level - Lease sale reaffirms interest in Gulf RSS


Despite increasing production and the possible export of oil and gas from shales, interest in the development of the Gulf of Mexico remains high. See Archives »

Barry Parker Finance Talk - Tugs in New York harbor RSS


Demand is strong for tugs in New York's thriving waterfront. See Archives »

Gene McKeever Insurance Watch - Safety doesn't have to cost a bundle RSS


Safety reminders are simple and cost nothing. See Archives »

Capt. Max Hardberger International Waters - Criminal liability for onboard negligence RSS


A basic tenet of our justice system is that non-intentional negligence should be a civil matter. See Archives »

John K. Fulweiler Legal Talk - How long does a party have to seek a remedy? RSS


If a maritime worker sustains a latent injury that isn’t discovered until long after the incident that caused the injury, admiralty courts have applied the so-called “discovery rule.” See Archives »

Joel Milton On the Water - The right tool for the job RSS


If the right tools are on hand when needed then deck crews can easily take apart a towing shackle and do it with minimal risk of injury. See Archives »

Kathy Bergren Smith On the Waterfront - Talk about a slow tow RSS


Tug crews spent all of June moving the first six sections of the new Midtown Tunnel for Norfolk, Va., down the Chesapeake at 1-3 knots. See Archives »

Kevin Gilheany Regulatory Roundup - It’s now March for towing vessel final rule RSS


The towing vessel inspection final rule has been put off until March, but the new delay buys time for companies to prepare. See Archives »

Capt. Peter Squicciarini Safety Zone - Voyage from hell RSS


A towboat ride that was a true horror story for one crewman. See Archives »

Sound Off Sound Off - Military to Maritime: Connecting veterans to opportunity RSS


When those who served our nation return home, we owe them a fair shake along with our gratitude. See Archives »

Kim Carver Sound Waves - An Alaska adventure begins RSS


This week I began work aboard the Wilderness Explorer, a 75-passenger cruise ship owned by Un-Cruise Adventures in Seattle. See Archives »

Ken Hocke The Hocke Net - Lease sale for the Atlantic? RSS


It's time to explore the waters off the Atlantic Coast for oil and gas.  See Archives »

Sam Pfeifle The NorEaster - What snow? Christen that ferry RSS


The snow did not stop the christening of the Blount-built ferry Wabanacki in Maine last week. See Archives »

Pamela Glass Washington Watch - An officer and a gentle island RSS


A recent Coast Guard Academy graduate is in Mauritius to develop a “sustainable marine economic development model.” See Archives »

Melissa Wood Wood and Boats - Can you be pro-development but anti-tar sands? RSS


The city council of South Portland, Maine, has voted to ban tar sands from the city. Despite overwhelming support for the ban, I believe most city residents understand the importance of a working... See Archives »

David Krapf WorkBoat Watch - Finding tomorrow’s welders RSS


It is no easy task for shipyards to find, train and retain good welders. But there is hope. See Archives »

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