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Bruce Buls Buls Eye - Fighting fire with fire RSS


There’s nothing like training with the real thing.    See Archives »

Capt. Alan Bernstein Captain’s Table - Do Coast Guard transfers create an ‘experience vacuum’? RSS


I feel that the Coast Guard should devise a system that would preserve knowledge and maintain continuity without undercutting the career advancement of its personnel. See Archives »

Dale DuPont Current Affairs - Coast Guard casualty reporting confusion RSS


A Passenger Vessel Association’s (PVA) regional meeting last week touched on an issue that’s near to every operator’s aspirin supply: Coast Guard casualty reporting requirements, specifically --... See Archives »

Leslie Taylor Dock Talk - Breakaway barge likely to winter on ice RSS


The owner of a barge drifting in the Beaufort Sea hasn't been able to find any nearby tugs to rescue the vessel so it is likely to become locked-in by sea ice. See Archives »

Dr. William J. Pike Energy Level - Realigning oil services’ big three RSS


To say that Halliburton’s planned $35 billion deal to acquire oilfield services’ rival Baker Hughes is a result of lower oil prices is oversimplification. See Archives »

Barry Parker Finance Talk - Colder days bring increased distillate moves around New York RSS


The colder days of November brought about a big surge in distillate moves along the East Coast. See Archives »

Gene McKeever Insurance Watch - Practice makes perfect RSS


Fork truck training. Crane training. Driver training. Safe vessel practices. All of these can be had from your insurer for little or no cost.   See Archives »

Capt. Max Hardberger International Waters - Electronic surveillance and the mariner RSS


Because the professional lives of mariners are so tightly controlled by the Coast Guard, they may be even more closely monitored than ordinary citizens.  See Archives »

John K. Fulweiler Legal Talk - Of hashish, customs and a ship captain RSS


A U.S. captain used the legal system to wrest his vengeance on a Greek ship owner.   See Archives »

Joel Milton On the Water - How to avoid a collision RSS


If you’re the give-way vessel and you wait to the point where you have to resolve a situation with anything even remotely approaching an abaft-your-own-beam course change, then you’ve waited way too... See Archives »

Kathy Bergren Smith On the Waterfront - Kulluk cover story is a good read RSS


 With the benefit of two years hindsight and a comprehensive Coast Guard report published last April, writer McKenzie Funk pieces together a riveting tale of the grounding of the Shell oil rig... See Archives »

Kevin Gilheany Regulatory Roundup - Get ready for the Small Vessel General Permit RSS


The moratorium for requiring permits for incidental discharges from commercial vessels less than 79 feet is set to expire on Dec. 18. See Archives »

Capt. Peter Squicciarini Safety Zone - Death from above RSS


Your chances of getting hit and killed by a meteor are pretty slim, but you can get hit, killed or hurt by more earthly objects. See Archives »

Sound Off Sound Off - Military2Maritime program can be life changing RSS


Helping our nation’s veterans transition to civilian careers remains a top priority for DOT and the transportation industry. See Archives »

Kim Carver Sound Waves - Capt. Aaron Singh, Waterfront Director, New York Harbor School RSS


Kim Carver interviews Capt. Aaron Singh, waterfront director of the New York Harbor School. See Archives »

Ken Hocke The Hocke Net - BP's fine is a drop in the bucket RSS


BP has plenty of money to pay fines stemming from the Deepwater Horizon accident. See Archives »

Sam Pfeifle The NorEaster - What snow? Christen that ferry RSS


The snow did not stop the christening of the Blount-built ferry Wabanacki in Maine last week. See Archives »

Pamela Glass Washington Watch - Remaking the Mayflower RSS


A U.K. charity is building a replica of the Mayflower that will be launched in 2020 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the original ship's landing in America.   See Archives »

Melissa Wood Wood and Boats - Can you be pro-development but anti-tar sands? RSS


The city council of South Portland, Maine, has voted to ban tar sands from the city. Despite overwhelming support for the ban, I believe most city residents understand the importance of a working... See Archives »

David Krapf WorkBoat Watch - Oil prices and the Jones Act RSS


Oil prices and Jones Act attacks are both “cyclical.” See Archives »

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