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Bruce Buls Buls Eye - The woes of Washington State Ferries RSS


I just realized that the vessel colors for both Washington State Ferries and Foss Maritime are green-and-white. The realization came while looking at a photo of a Foss tug towing a WSF ferry that... See Archives »

Capt. Alan Bernstein Captain’s Table - Where's the customer service? RSS


In my business, customers are my lifeblood. If we do not treat them with respect and make sure that their experience is top notch, then they will not return and business will suffer. See Archives »

Dale DuPont Current Affairs - Coast Guard casualty reporting confusion RSS


A Passenger Vessel Association’s (PVA) regional meeting last week touched on an issue that’s near to every operator’s aspirin supply: Coast Guard casualty reporting requirements, specifically --... See Archives »

Leslie Taylor Dock Talk - Sleuths explore shipwreck 'graveyard' RSS


In the waters near the Golden Gate Bridge, a pair of maritime detectives is searching for sunken treasure — historic shipwrecks that can give unique insights into America's maritime history. See Archives »

Dr. William J. Pike Energy Level - Government-speak and Gulf OSVs RSS


What exactly is the Coast Guard interim OSV size rule supposed to accomplish? See Archives »

Barry Parker Finance Talk - Are barges the new railcars? RSS


A new report from Kevin Sterling’s analyst team at BB&T Capital Markets, begins by rhetorically asking whether a “barge is becoming the new railcar” for movements of crude oil. See Archives »

Gene McKeever Insurance Watch - Finding a good marine surveyor RSS


What do you do when your insurance agent tells you that you need a new condition and value survey on your vessel for insurance purposes? See Archives »

Capt. Max Hardberger International Waters - Hardcore heroes and WorkBoat writers RSS


An episode of the “Hardcore Heroes” series on AHC will profile me. Of course, the “heroes” part, when applied to me, is rank puffery. See Archives »

John K. Fulweiler Legal Talk - Ebola: Liability under the admiralty law? RSS


Let's say a crewmember suffers a potential Ebola exposure while working and he's quarantined and thereafter found not to have the disease. Does a claim exist? See Archives »

Joel Milton On the Water - A look at night vision RSS


It usually takes at least 20 to 30 minutes for your eyes to adapt adequately to darkness and another 20 to 30 minutes before they are optimized. See Archives »

Kathy Bergren Smith On the Waterfront - A 'Bayworthy' tug RSS


The 49.5' x 19' x 7.5' Capt. Kenneth can operate in any part of the Chesapeake in most sea conditions. See Archives »

Kevin Gilheany Regulatory Roundup - It’s now March for towing vessel final rule RSS


The towing vessel inspection final rule has been put off until March, but the new delay buys time for companies to prepare. See Archives »

Capt. Peter Squicciarini Safety Zone - Be on the look out RSS


Some say the Lyubov Orlova sank, but it could now be the new Flying Dutchman. See Archives »

Sound Off Sound Off - Appellate court dismisses claims against employment agencies RSS


Recently, the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a trial court’s dismissal of a wage claim brought by employees who used the services of a Mobile, Ala.-based employment agency. See Archives »

Kim Carver Sound Waves - Capt. Aaron Singh, Waterfront Director, New York Harbor School RSS


Kim Carver interviews Capt. Aaron Singh, waterfront director of the New York Harbor School. See Archives »

Ken Hocke The Hocke Net - Eighteen holes of humiliation RSS


OMSA fun and teammates’ abilities take the sting out of a bad golfer’s game. See Archives »

Sam Pfeifle The NorEaster - What snow? Christen that ferry RSS


The snow did not stop the christening of the Blount-built ferry Wabanacki in Maine last week. See Archives »

Pamela Glass Washington Watch - Maritime bills in limbo RSS


Congress will get one more chance to pass maritime bills next month, but will they perform? See Archives »

Melissa Wood Wood and Boats - Can you be pro-development but anti-tar sands? RSS


The city council of South Portland, Maine, has voted to ban tar sands from the city. Despite overwhelming support for the ban, I believe most city residents understand the importance of a working... See Archives »

David Krapf WorkBoat Watch - Women in the industry stand out in many ways RSS


If you are a woman in the maritime industry the good news is that you stand out. And the bad news? It’s that you stand out. See Archives »

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