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Bruce Buls Buls Eye - Wood boats, aluminum boats and Port Townsend RSS


It's still summer, still a good time to be on the water, whether for work or pleasure. Last week, I got a chance to do both at the same time. See Archives »

Capt. Alan Bernstein Captain’s Table - Has the Coast Guard gone international? RSS


I am increasingly concerned with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It’s not about the group’s regulation of international vessels but with the potential impact that emerging IMO rules... See Archives »

Dale DuPont Current Affairs - Floating on air RSS


Air bellow systems that cut vibrations on a floating deckhouse are among the creature comforts inland operators are adding to towboats. See Archives »

Leslie Taylor Dock Talk - Google sells 'mystery barge' RSS


Google scraps its plans for a floating showroom. See Archives »

Dr. William J. Pike Energy Level - Fewer but stronger Gulf hurricanes RSS


If hurricanes hit the Gulf of Mexico this season, expect them to be stronger. See Archives »

Barry Parker Finance Talk - What’s next for shipping assets? RSS


Theories on optimal ownership structures for capital assets are like the shipping markets — they go in cycles. Since workboats are often ancillary to some larger business mission, I am always... See Archives »

Gene McKeever Insurance Watch - Changes in hull policies RSS


Ocean marine hull insurance has been around since the spice trading days hundreds of years ago. Today, the marine industry abides by a giant body of law, just as old, that considers what types of... See Archives »

Capt. Max Hardberger International Waters - Hardcore heroes and WorkBoat writers RSS


An episode of the “Hardcore Heroes” series on AHC will profile me. Of course, the “heroes” part, when applied to me, is rank puffery. See Archives »

John K. Fulweiler Legal Talk - Do you have to turn over the incident report? RSS


Let me share a few thoughts on accident and investigative reports that will help prime the pump for your next sit down with admiralty counsel. See Archives »

Joel Milton On the Water - Garbage in, garbage out. RSS


Garbage in, garbage out is one of life’s inescapable truths that pertain to almost any activity that humans engage in. As the proverb goes, if you provide wrong data or bad instructions to people or... See Archives »

Kathy Bergren Smith On the Waterfront - Talk about a slow tow RSS


Tug crews spent all of June moving the first six sections of the new Midtown Tunnel for Norfolk, Va., down the Chesapeake at 1-3 knots. See Archives »

Kevin Gilheany Regulatory Roundup - It’s now March for towing vessel final rule RSS


The towing vessel inspection final rule has been put off until March, but the new delay buys time for companies to prepare. See Archives »

Capt. Peter Squicciarini Safety Zone - Don’t get wrapped around the axle RSS


Did you know machine guards are not just in the engine room? You can have a dozen or more machine guards all around your boat. See Archives »

Sound Off Sound Off - Military to Maritime: Connecting veterans to opportunity RSS


When those who served our nation return home, we owe them a fair shake along with our gratitude. See Archives »

Kim Carver Sound Waves - Life on a small Alaskan cruise ship RSS


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a licensed deckhand aboard a small cruise ship? See Archives »

Ken Hocke The Hocke Net - Repair yards deserve more attention RSS


Newbuild construction gets the attention, while repair yards operate mostly behind the scenes. See Archives »

Sam Pfeifle The NorEaster - What snow? Christen that ferry RSS


The snow did not stop the christening of the Blount-built ferry Wabanacki in Maine last week. See Archives »

Pamela Glass Washington Watch - It's not too late to plan that summer vacation RSS


If you are the type that just can't get away from the water and things that float on it, I have a few vacation destination ideas for you.  See Archives »

Melissa Wood Wood and Boats - Can you be pro-development but anti-tar sands? RSS


The city council of South Portland, Maine, has voted to ban tar sands from the city. Despite overwhelming support for the ban, I believe most city residents understand the importance of a working... See Archives »

David Krapf WorkBoat Watch - Will Mexico see more U.S. OSVs? RSS


If Mexico's new oil reforms work, U.S. OSV operators will receive a nice boost and relocate more vessels to the region. See Archives »

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