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Bruce Buls Buls Eye - South Korean ferry tragedy raises more questions RSS


The Sewol is reportedly the 100th passenger vessel lost since 2002. See Archives »

Capt. Alan Bernstein Captain’s Table - Sailboats and the rules of the road RSS


To allow vessel operators to operate on navigable waters without basic knowledge is a major mistake. See Archives »

Dale DuPont Current Affairs - OPA '90 for railcars? RSS


Recent rail tank car accidents could lead to new railcar regulations. See Archives »

Leslie Taylor Dock Talk - Costa Concordia cover-up RSS


Now that the wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia is upright, the world's eyes turn from the technical drama of the salvage operation to the legal drama of the captain's trial. See Archives »

Dr. William J. Pike Energy Level - Lease sale reaffirms interest in Gulf RSS


Despite increasing production and the possible export of oil and gas from shales, interest in the development of the Gulf of Mexico remains high. See Archives »

Barry Parker Finance Talk - Bluewater operator has sizable barge fleet RSS


Better known for its bluewater bulk activities, Navios Maritime’s South American subsidiary has three core businesses including inland barges. See Archives »

Gene McKeever Insurance Watch - Changing a vessel's mission? RSS


Even if you only make a slight change in how you use your vessel, one of the first calls you should make before you sign off on the changes should be to your marine insurance agent. See Archives »

Capt. Max Hardberger International Waters - 'Captain Phillips': Lies, damned lies and Hollywood RSS


“Captain Phillips” is not a bad movie, but as the Greek playwright Aeschylus said, “In Hollywood, the first casualty is the truth.” See Archives »

John K. Fulweiler Legal Talk - Learning the pet names for maritime rules and doctrines RSS


The law is full of uniquely named rules. They’re often assigned names that correspond with the case in which the legal principle first arose. See Archives »

Joel Milton On the Water - How to prepare for a flood RSS


Damage control is not just a political skill. It's really the naval discipline of responding to structural damage and/or flooding. See Archives »

Kathy Bergren Smith On the Waterfront - A sad tug tale RSS


The sad end to an able tug from New York Harbor speaks to a larger issue that confronts many waterfront communities. See Archives »

Kevin Gilheany Regulatory Roundup - Towing Safety Management System: Make it specific RSS


Get your best captains involved in developing your company's safety management system. See Archives »

Capt. Peter Squicciarini Safety Zone - Communication and Coast Guard industry days RSS


Communication can make or break relationships. Just ask your wife or husband. See Archives »

Sound Off Sound Off - National Maritime Symposium is a good first step RSS


Development of a national maritime strategy that all in the industry –shippers, labor, operators, government– can get behind and support is essential. See Archives »

Kim Carver Sound Waves - Christine Smith, Vice President, Northwest Navigation Co. (M/V David B) RSS


The third in a series of mariner interviews conducted by Kim Carver. See Archives »

Ken Hocke The Hocke Net - Oil should stay at home RSS


The oil and gas boom in the U.S. isn't doing much for the average American citizen. See Archives »

Sam Pfeifle The NorEaster - What snow? Christen that ferry RSS


The snow did not stop the christening of the Blount-built ferry Wabanacki in Maine last week. See Archives »

Pamela Glass Washington Watch - Pirate activity expected to increase RSS


U.S. oil exports could lead to an increase in piracy activity. See Archives »

David Krapf WorkBoat Watch - Layup work finished on the Great Lakes, but not winter RSS


Winter is supposedly over, but not this week in Cleveland. See Archives »

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