Contaminated River and Harbor Sediments—Problems, Potential and Profits

March 27, 2013 (Recorded) 


In the US alone, the EPA has estimated that there is approximately 1.2 billion cubic yards of contaminated sediment under the country's waterways.  Estimates for clean sediment disposal range from $500 to $944 per cubic yard with dredging costs over $194 per cubic yard. This extra expense has complicated the debate over port and waterway maintenance. Remediating contaminated sediments has already created new markets for dredging contractors, vessel operators, and environmental professionals. This webinar is designed to call the industry's attention to these important issues: 


  1. The extent of the problem of sediment contamination and how it will affect the marine industry
  2. What must be done to clean up the waterways, including sediment disposal technologies and where the marine industry fits into the picture
  3. What business opportunities are being created in contaminated sediment dredging and disposal 


Speaker(s) Moderator(s):  

Kevin Olsen, Passaic River Institute, Montclair State University

Moderator: Ken Hocke, Senior Editor, WorkBoat

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