Life Cycle Management: An Integrative Approach to Save Time & Money

November 28, 2012 (Recoreded) 

A proactive approach to design can reduce production operation and costs as well as minimize end-of-life disposal replacement costs. Today's complex vessels offer multiple opportunities to reduce the generation of every form of waste stream during production. Careful design and forward thinking analysis can also reduce maintenance time for operating personnel, increase reliability, and reduce environmental impact during the useful life of any system. The life cycle management approach first identifies the impacts of all waste streams, including those of the office administrative function and the facilities function, and, examines then examines regulatory requirements as the building blocks for a design approach that both minimizes the generation of every form of waste stream, and, minimizes the use of those materials that are regulated under the various hazardous materials/dangerous goods regulations. During this webinar you will learn:

  • The inherent value of integrated logistics support.
  • The importance of considering logistics/hazardous materials issues at the earliest stages of product and program development.
  • The intrinsic requirement to manage even the smallest details as part of a larger overall program that reduces costs, improve reliability, and minimizes liability.
  • The importance of the changing legal framework and evolving technology to ILS and hazardous materials/lifecycle management.

Who should attend?

  • Naval engineers.
  • Marine architects.
  • Business and/or logistics managers.
  • Masters.
  • Chief engineers.
  • Design teams.
  • Top management.
  • Supply chain professionals logisticians.
  • …and many others
  • Robert Jaffin, Boston University HEM; Lecturer, Mass Maritime Academy



  • David Krapf, Editor In Chief, WorkBoat



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